8 Tips to Achieve Fast Typing Speed in a Month: Type Faster, Work Smarter

In the world we live in today, where everything seems to move at lightning speed, being able to type with skill and speed has turned into a real game-changer. Think about it – from getting through school assignments and work tasks to simply chatting with friends online, the way you type can make a big difference. It’s not just about saving time but it’s also about feeling more self-assured and getting things done more smoothly.  Now, the question is how to get fast typing speed in a month and why is it important?

If you find yourself left behind in typing practice and are willing to boost your typing abilities, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to explore some really useful strategies and techniques that can help you increase your typing speed on the keyboard and bring more productivity. These tips will not only make you faster at typing but also help you become more efficient in your work. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can type faster and work more effectively!

Significance of Mastering the Art of Fast Typing Speed

We live in a modern digital world where computers are everywhere – from big industries to our daily tasks. Therefore, it’s important to get better at typing as it boosts your confidence and makes you better at whatever you’re typing on the computer.

Improving typing speed can save time and effort that we can use for other tasks.

It’s useful for students who do assignments and projects online and also for jobs where writing is part of the work. For example, making reports, scheduling work, sending emails, talking to clients, and using social media. To do all these things well, having fast typing speed helps a lot. Importantly, this skill can be seamlessly integrated into one’s resume, that will leave a favorable impression on prospective employers and enriching one’s professional portfolio.

Here, I am going to share how to type rapidly by curating different techniques and tips to achieve fast typing speed in a month.

8 Tips to Gain Fast Typing Speed in a Month

Mastering the art of typing at a double speed not only enhances your overall efficiency but also widens the door to exciting job prospects. After reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped with the knowledge you need to improve typing speed and accuracy.

1.     Choose the Right Keyboard

The type of keyboard you use can to improve typing speed and accuracy. You can pick a keyboard that is functional as well as comfortable. For instance, Mechanical keyboards, are known for their tactile feedback and responsiveness, which makes them a popular choice among fast typists.

Keyboards can vary in size and choosing the right one can help you in getting faster and improved typing speed. Choosing a keyboard with larger keys can increase the accuracy because it reduces the chances of pressing the wrong keys. It’s vital to maintain a balance, avoiding an excessively large keyboard that might not suit your hand size or typing style. Instead, seek a keyboard that offers comfortable usage, allowing your fingers to naturally align with the frequently used keys.

2.     Practice Regularly with Consistency

You can master any skill with practice, as, practice makes perfect. Set a specific time, like one hour, each day for typing practice. You can use online typing tests and games to challenge yourself and track your progress. Consistent practice will help reinforce your muscle memory and improve your overall typing speed.

You are not limited to practicing solely with official or academic tasks. You can also boost up your typing skills by typing text messages to your friends, sending emails, composing letters, or interacting on various online platforms. Practicing with content that interests you can make the process more engaging. The more you practice, the faster your typing speed will become.

3.     Familiarize Yourself with the Keyboard Layout

Before you start, take some time to get familiar with the keyboard layout. Identify the position of each key and pay attention to the home row keys where your fingers naturally rest. Making sure your fingers are correctly positioned is a key factor in improving your typing speed. A really effective way to do this is by placing your fingers on the central row of keys, which is often called the Home Row. This method helps you smoothly move your fingers across all the keys, both the ones on the top and bottom rows.

Moreover, make sure to keep your hand in a relaxed and comfortable position. Your dedication to refining these aspects will undoubtedly lead to fast typing speed in a month and a noticeable progress in your typing capabilities.

4.     Understand the Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcuts are valuable tools for managing the tasks quickly. These shortcuts basically get rid of the whole mouse navigation thing, so you can do stuff by just hitting a few keys. One of the best ways to really speed up your typing is by getting comfortable with shortcuts. These little combinations like Ctrl+C for copying, Ctrl+V for pasting, and Ctrl+Z for undoing can help you alot.

Take some time to dig into the shortcuts that matter for the software you use a lot. If you stick with it and practice regularly, you’ll totally nail this technique sooner than you think. It’s like a secret weapon for your typing speed.

5.     Learn Through Typing Games

Learning can be done in an interesting and engaging way. Engage in typing games that combine entertainment with skill enhancement. There are thousands of games and online platforms that help you master the art of faster typing in a short period of time.

Platforms like TypeRacer and Keybr offer interactive typing challenges that gradually increase in complexity as you improve. These games are not only enjoyable but are also super effective in refining your typing speed and accuracy. Look for online tests and games, Fast typing practice on keyboard for adults, and other tools that can help you achieve faster typing.

6.     Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Creating an ergonomic workspace can significantly impact your typing speed and overall well-being. Ensure that your chair, keyboard, and monitor are positioned in a way that promotes good posture. It is because a comfortable setup reduces strain on your muscles and allows you to type for longer periods without discomfort.

Position your chair thoughtfully to ensure that your arms are in a comfortable position. Aim for a 90° angle at your elbows as you engage with the keyboard. Moreover, a keyboard stand can also be used to elevate the keyboard to a suitable level. These small adjustments can significantly enhance your typing efficiency and overall experience.

7.     Practice Touch-Typing

Touch typing is the cornerstone of proficient typing. This technique allows you to effortlessly translate your thoughts into words on the screen, streamlining your typing process and boosting your overall speed and accuracy. Maintain your focus on the screen for effective typing – it’s a proven technique that can help you get a fast typing. Avoid to look at your hands while typing.

Initially, memorizing the keys might be a challenge, leading to errors and mistakes. However, with consistent practice, you’ll adapt and improve. Looking at your hands increases the chance of errors. As you work on enhancing your typing speed, direct your attention to the screen.

8.     Keep a Balanced Posture

Prioritize maintaining a balanced and upright posture while typing. Avoid slouching or reclining, as this can lead to discomfort in your back, neck, and spine. Look for a chair with a gentle curve in the lower half that offers support for your lower back and spinal curve. And don’t forget to let your shoulders relax – there’s no need to keep them stiff and rigid.

Position your wrists comfortably on the table, allowing your fingers to move across the keys as you type. When your posture is aligned, your nerves remain at ease, and your hands will be able to focus all their energy on typing. This approach enables you to type more swiftly and progressively enhance your typing speed.


Can I improve my typing speed in 1 month?

It depends on your starting point and the effort you put in typing practice. Regular practice using typing tutorials, software, or online platforms can help enhance your muscle memory and typing speed. Consistency and focused practice are key factors in typing faster on keyboard.

How do I increase my typing speed and accuracy?

To gain fast typing speed and accuracy, consider regular practice. Engage with typing games and use platforms that offer timed tests to track progress. Additionally, maintaining proper hand posture and gradually increasing typing speed targets can lead to improved proficiency with the passing time.

What is a normal typing speed?

A normal typing speed for an average individual ranges from 40 to 60 words per minute (WPM). However, proficient typists can reach speeds of 70 to 90 WPM or higher. Familiarity with the keyboard layout, how accurately you type, and the amount of practice you put in all play a significant role in determining your typing speed.

How long does it take to improve typing speed?

The time it takes to improve typing speed varies based on individual factors such as starting skill level, practice consistency, and learning methods. On average, with regular practice of around 15-30 minutes daily over several weeks, one can generally expect noticeable improvements.

Does typing speed decrease with age?

Yes, typing speed can decrease with age due to factors such as reduced finger dexterity, changes in muscle coordination, and cognitive processing speed. While age-related changes can affect typing speed, ongoing engagement and adaptation can help mitigate the decline for many individuals.


In conclusion, achieving fast typing speed in a month is an achievable goal with dedicated practice and the right strategies. Leave the thought that how fast can I improve my typing speed? Just focus on perfection. Remember to set realistic goals, break bad habits, and prioritize your hand’s well-being. With consistent effort and typing practice, you’ll find yourself typing faster on keyboard and working smarter in no time.

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