How do we feel emotions in our body? – An Effective Guide

We are humans and the best creatures of this world because we have emotions. These emotions make us different from the other species. In a human mind, a lot of questions arise like, Are these emotions good? Why do we have Emotions? or How do we feel emotions in our body? How to give emotional support to someone? What emotion am I feeling or, What are the effects of these emotions? How do these emotions affect our relationships?. Many pieces of research are available to answer these queries.

Where do emotions lie in our bodies? How do we feel emotions in our body?

Different human emotions have a different impact on our bodies. For instance, if we are happy, we can feel this happiness in our whole body and, if we are feeling blushed or embarrassed, we can feel butterflies in our stomachs. Similarly, when we are exceedingly sad, we can feel sadness in our chest just like the heart would crack out. We might get emotional pain several times. So many people search on google that How do we feel emotions in our body? Where do emotions lie in our bodies?

Emotional maturity and emotional wellness are vital for everyone. These all sentiments are processed by our brain, and then, as an outcome, we respond to these emotions. The parts or structures involved in handling emotions are amygdalae, the hippocampus, the cingulate cortex, and the prefrontal cortex.

Suppose you get hurt by hitting your knee badly to a table, and you feel an emotion of sadness or crying; at this time, your brain obtains a signal. Then process it, and as a result, your eyes get filled with tears as a response. All this is because you have feelings and emotions.

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How do we feel emotions?

How do we feel emotions in our body? Emotions are associated with our thoughts and circumstances happening around us. When any situation occurs around us, either good or bad, happy or sad, positive or negative, we get feelings and emotions according to that situation. For instance, You might get a feel of fear when you are alone in the house.

In the same way, a sensation of anger results when something happens opposite to your will and wish. Anxiety occurs in a nerve-wracking test, and depression results in response to hardships and sufferings of life. You might feel the emotions of love when someone brings you a gift, etc. All these emotions differ with situations.

Emotions differ for everyone

You might develop mixed emotions in a situation such as you can feel happiness and sadness simultaneously.
Emotions can be of joy, happiness, love, anger, grief, anxiety, or fear. It certainly depends upon the situation. Everybody has their own mind and thinking, and every happening has a different impact on every person. So the emotions are also distinct from person to person. Maybe sometimes two people have the same thoughts because they are having the same thinking about an incident. That is why it is important to learn How do we feel emotions in our body.

These emotions affect the social behavior and relationships that we have in our society. In every situation, Emotions get developed; our body takes them and processes them. After that, our body produces psychological and physical responses as an outcome. These outcomes can be positive or negative. Because of positive and calm emotions, we can help others and feel good. These can also make us do new things. But negative feelings can cause damage to ourselves as well as to others. We might hurt them when we are angry or upset.

What happens because of an emotion?

Because of emotions, your body responds differently from person to person.
Suppose something terrible happens just as your plan gets failed, a close person gets away from you, gets fail in the test, or you got fired from the job. Because of this type of situation, you start feeling sad. As a psychological response to this feeling; You start thinking about all the negative sentiments and unhappy memories of your life.

Also, you acquire negative feelings about things even not happened yet. And, as a physical outcome, you might not feel hunger, and you stop eating. It might also create emotional pain. This Article will help you In understanding How do we feel emotions in our body.

Similarly, when you feel good, because something fair happens such as you get a promotion, you topped your college, get a surprise, or found a new job, At this time you start recalling all the good memories of you. You want to enjoy, party, and live life to the fullest.
Emotional disturbance can cause depression, low energy levels, and tired feelings. These are all the responses to emotions that we attain depending on our thoughts and situations.

Emotions: A way of socializing

How do we feel emotions in our body and how do they help us to socialize with our community in a better way. If someone is feeling down or upset, you can provide emotional support also.
You can understand the perspective of others.
By understanding the emotions of others, you can understand their point of view positively. It helps you to comprehend their situation and what they are going through.

With the help of emotions, you can make others understand you and your situation. You can express yourself and your inner feelings by showing emotions and responses to emotions.

Emotions motivate you to do something. When you are enthusiastic about something, your positive feelings help you to prosper and raise yourself. This motivation is attainable by positive emotions. Try to be away from negative feelings that discourage you and demotivate you.

Suppose you are in a situation where you get angry if a fellow has done something wrong. You can use this emotion of anger to express your opinion that you didn’t like it. So your fellow will get the hint that you get pissed off and thus, should not do this again.
In this way, you can persuade others and make them listen to you.

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