How to deal with anxiety in this pandemic? – 8 Tips to overcome anxiety

Anyone can get the feeling of unease or get in trouble because of anxiety in this pandemic.

Anxiety means a sudden attack of nervousness, fear, feeling sad, getting worried about any situation. Everyone can get anxiety in certain cases; what matters is how you cope with it.
There is no specific cause for anxiety attacks. It may happen due to childhood trauma or when any relationship is not going well. In adults, it can occur due to the load of work at your job, your kids, or financial issues, or it can be relationship anxiety. It is common for any being to feel pressure at times and occasionally

Anxiety has no such cure as medicine or vaccine, but it can be slowed down or stopped for a certain amount of time. Your worries and tensions are spinning out of control and getting out of your hands in this difficult time. That is why people face anxiety in this pandemic and quarantine.


During an anxiety attack, your heart beats extremely fast, or you feel irregular. You start breathing fast, your muscles feel weak, you start getting cold and hot sweats, you cannot focus on anything, you feel dizzy and feel frozen to the spot, you cannot eat anything, and your mouth gets dry. Feelings of danger, panic, or dread, nervousness or restlessness, tiredness or weakness arise in you, and you get gastrointestinal problems.

You can feel a sense of detachment from everyone. There is also high-functioning anxiety in which people can often accomplish tasks and appear to function well in social situations. Still, internally they are feeling all the same symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Jobs for people with anxiety

There are special jobs for people with anxiety in this pandemic; some of them are stated below:

How to deal with anxiety in this pandemic?

It is difficult to cope with your anxiety in times of such hardships and pandemics. If you are thinking about how to control anxiety without medication, how to calm anxiety, or how you can overcome your anxiety in this pandemic, you should follow the stated ways. It will help if you try to seek professional help or overcome it by following stated tips.

1. Exercise and breath

Try to breathe slowly, inhale and exhale and count it and then repeat the process. Do a little workout to stretch your muscles. This will help you to release tension. Set a goal for yourself when exercising and then reward yourself for accomplishing the goal.

2. Yoga and meditation

Try to practice yoga, meditate, get a massage, or learn relaxation techniques like Diaphragmatic breathing, which reduces cortisol levels. Aromatherapy helps you by using fragrant essential oils to promote health and well-being. Use essential oils like bergamot, lavender, clary sage, Grapefruit, ylang-ylang. Yoga helps in reducing levels of molecules called cytokines in the blood and overcoming anxiety in this pandemic.

Try developing a natural calmer, less anxious state of mind by using Visualization techniques. Chamomile tea from a daisy-like flower is a common home remedy that helps calm frayed nerves, promotes sleep, and is very relieving.

3. Reduce intake of caffeine

Human beings release a hormone called adrenaline when they are stressed or have an explosion of emotions. Taking too much caffeine causes a spike in adrenaline Hormone and makes you feel so terrible and anxious. Reduce your coffee intake. Even decaffeinated coffee contains a little caffeine.

Avoid eating chocolate of any form which has caffeine in it. You should completely cut off caffeine or any alcoholic thing that you take. Try to make yourself away from cigarettes when you are stressed about any matter. Caffeine can aggravate or worsen anxiety and trigger panic attacks. This will make you feel at peace and helps you in overcoming anxiety in this pandemic

4. Avoid skipping your meals

Do not skip any meals in any case due to anxiety in this pandemic. Keep healthful, energy-boosting snacks with you all the time. Anxiety causes nausea which makes the idea of eating food as eating waste. But skipping meals can make anxiety worse and will make your condition more miserable 6. and uncontrollable.

5. Relax and do not procrastinate

When you get stressed, you automatically get tired, and your body needs more sleep and rest. People with anxiety mostly put off important tasks because they do not want to do anything or temporarily want their stress away from them and tensions. For relaxing your mind, you should listen to some soothing music or melodies.

6. Do not aim for perfectionism

When you try to overcome your anxiety in this pandemic, try to aim at what you can achieve instead of looking for perfection, which is impossible, so do not stress out and be proud of how close you get to perfection. You should try to accept that everything cannot be controlled by yourself and should manipulate your negative thoughts into positive ones, also you should Face your fear as fear is like a fire.

7. Take treatments but do not rely on medicines

It is important to see a doctor if these feelings become severe, tenacious, or intrude with your daily life and keep troubling you. Some medications have drawbacks, and it is more effective not to depend on them, and medications also make you addicted to certain drugs.
Drugs can lead to physical dependence, physical disability as it gives you temporary relief from stress, and withdrawal of medicines can be life-threatening. It is better to avoid them, but if they are prescribed to you by doctors, you can use them in a small amount.

8. Communicate

To reduce stress and anxiety in this pandemic, you should try to talk to someone close to you and explain your feelings, tell friends and family you are feeling overwhelmed, and ask for guidance and let them know how they can help you. Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help if you can; it would be best. Try screaming at the top of your lungs to let your frustration out of your heart.

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