What are the ways to improve typing speed?

Improve typing speed

Typing speed is something everyone wants to get in this digital environment of modern technology and want to improve typing speed. Faster typing is a skill that you can utilize whether you are a student or an employee. Before thinking to gain speed in typing, focus on learning how to increase typing accuracy. And after that, follow some fast typing tips. When you feel like you are pretty good to type texts, try to improve typing speed and getting better at typing.
Also, keep in your mind that you have to consider the accuracy. It is because a small mistake can destroy your all effort. Suppose you are a programmer; you can understand the importance of accuracy and as well as speed. It is a proper skill that you can add to your resume whenever you apply for a job. It leaves a good impact on your portfolio also. Now, the question is how to improve typing speed and why is it important?

Why is typing speed necessary?

We now live in a modern and digital world of the internet and social media where every aspect of life is related to computers. From large industrial projects to our daily routine tasks, everything is computer-related. Therefore, we must consider typing speed improvement to perform our jobs rapidly and efficiently.

Getting better at typing saves our time and effort that we can productively utilize in some other task.

Having a grip on your typing speed helps you prepare your assignments, projects, presentations, and study online as a student. Also, it helps you a lot to perform the jobs that are assigned to you at your workplace, therefore, improve typing speed. This skill has a lot of advantages and benefits in your academic life and your future career also. Many jobs require a professional writer to perform the tasks. You might have to generate reports, prepare work schedules, send emails, communicate with your clients, or handle social media platforms. For all these things, you must have a fast typing speed to enhance your productivity. You should learn how to increase typing accuracy and how to improve typing speed?.

Here, I am sharing that how to type rapidly by curating different techniques and fast typing tips.

Improve typing speed
Ways to Improve typing speed

Learning to type with a double speed increases efficiency in your performance, and you can get many great job opportunities. Following are some ways you must effectively follow to type. You will surely know that how to improve typing speed after reading this article.

1. Choose a Comfortable keyboard

For effective and fluent typing, you need to choose a keyboard that you can use comfortably. Keyboards exist in different sizes, different layouts and, some of them have shortcut keys also that can help you to type speedily and improve typing speed.
Look for a keyboard having a larger size of keys; it helps to press the right key. It could help you eliminate the errors in your typing and assist in reducing hitting the wrong keys. Make sure not to choose an extra-large keyboard that does not suit your hands for getting better at typing. Look for the one that you could comfortably work on and, your fingers adjust on the keys you use frequently.

2. Place fingers at the right place

Improve typing speed
Adjusting your fingers properly at the exact positions is the most significant task to improve typing speed. The most effective and best way to improve typing speed is to place your fingers in the middle alphabetical row known as Home Row. So, from here, you can conveniently move your fingers to hit all the upper and lower keys also. It is good to place your thumb on the space bar to type efficiently. Keep your hands in a relaxed position for typing speed improvement.

3. Keyboard layout

You need to know about the keyboard you are using. Please familiarize yourself with the key positions and their layout. Some keyboards have additional features that provide resistance if any stroke is entered and some shortcut keys. You can use these shortcut keys to increase your typing speed. Understand the functionality of your keyboard and try to memorize the position of keys. You might find it extremely uneasy in the beginning but, you could learn it by practicing regularly.

4. Practice daily

Practice, practice, and practice should be your motto for getting better at typing. One of the most vital fast typing tips to improve typing speed is to ensure that you practice regularly. You can learn anything only when you practice it with heart and full concentration. No specific topic is required for practicing, you can practice by choosing any random topic from a book or any online forum and start typing it.
You are not bound to practice only on official or academic work. Still, you can also practice it by typing text messages to your friends, or writing letters, or sending emails, or while using any online platform. As much you will practice, that much faster you get in typing. Take 30 minutes or one hour daily to practice your typing skills.

5. Position of your chair

Improve typing speed
Try to place your chair in such a position that your keyboard will be in the center and front of you. Adjust the height and position of your chair so that your arms will be comfortable and, your elbows make an angle of 90° while typing on the keyboard. If you cannot adjust your chair, then adjust your keyboard at a certain height. You can use a keyboard stand to lift your keyboard. This adjustment can help you a lot to type effectively.

6. Keep your eyes on the screen

For effective typing, keep your gaze at the screen. It is one of the best ways to improve typing speed. You should try not to look at your hands while typing. It might be difficult for you to remember the keys initially and, there will be many errors and mistakes.

But with time, you will get used to it by practicing. There are higher chances of errors when you keep looking at your hands. When working on typing speed improvement, make sure to focus on the screen. It would help you to know how to increase typing accuracy?.
This might seems inconvenient but, eventually, you will start typing rapidly.

7. Keep a balanced posture

Make sure to keep a straight and balanced posture. Try not to sit in a reclining position because it can cause back, neck, and spinal pain. Choose a curved chair at the lower half and provides support for lower back and spinal curvature. It would be great if you try to keep your shoulders in a relaxed position and do not try to keep them stiff and straight. Place your wrists on the table and move your fingers to type. When your body posture is good, all nerves are relaxed, and your hands utilize your whole energy to type. In this way, you can type more hastily and improve typing speed.

8. Do not type continuously

Improve typing speed
Along with learning how to improve typing speed, also take care of yourself. To make your typing speed remarkable, you need to take care of your hand muscles. While practicing, take regular breaks of 5 to 10 minutes to relax your muscles. If you keep typing for a long time without any break or rest, you will strain your hand tissues.

9. Check your progress

You can check your typing capability by using different online typing platforms. They can provide you with a facility to keep a check on your progress to improve typing speed. If there is no typing speed improvement, you can join a typing or keyboarding class in your area. And you also take lessons from different tutors online for getting better at typing and bringing effectiveness to your work

  • Start practicing to improve typing speed. Undoubtedly, To get a skill is difficult but, this is not impossible. It just requires your effort, practice, and willpower. These are some fast typing tips that will hopefully help to improve typing speed.