How to become a brilliant student in academic life? – 13 Best Tips

Toppers or brilliant student of your class is not born with some extra qualities or traits. Still, these students have adapted an effective daily routine that helps them perform their tasks more efficiently and be excellent students.

Proving your capabilities as a student

School, college, or university days are the best part of life for any person. You learn everything there, make unforgettable memories there, and live your life to the fullest. These are the beautiful retentions of memories with an incalculable worth of remembering that will never slip from your heart and mind.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a student’s life, you also need to improve your capabilities to be a good student. You have to prove yourself academically to your guardians, parents, teachers, and class fellows and show the best result that you can accomplish.

It is a fact that everyone and also you want to make your parents feel proud and happy of your excellent and intense remarks by your teacher, and you want to make them happy. You want to focus on your studies to be an excellent student, and you want to get recognition and applause from your teachers. When you want to be triumphant as a human being, you should also try to be a good student in the class.

How to become a brilliant student?

Now thinking about; how you can be better at studying and get appreciation from everyone? What do you need to be a good student? Or what makes a student outstanding in class and studies? When should you start studying, and how can you make notes? How can you get confident in speaking in class? How to be brilliant in school?

If you have such queries in your mind about getting better at school, I will help you achieve your goal.
I was also a topper at my school and college. Therefore, I can give you beneficial tips regarding your studies, and these tricks helped me a lot in being a good student in my academic life. Hopefully, it will also be fruitful for you.

Tips to be a brilliant student

Try to follow the following tips and hacks for becoming a brilliant student.

1. Be attentive in class

When you attend your class, you should be attentive and be percipient to what you are learning. You can be a good student when you concentrate on your lectures. Try to be sharp-witted to understand the topic and try to become an astute student. You can become perspicuous and acutely intelligent in studying when you attentively listen to your teachers.

2. Do not bunk

Mostly students bunk their lectures for fun, or when they are bored by the subjects, they try to run away from taking the class. When a student misses a class, he will never understand that lecture again. So, for being a good student, try never to miss any lecture, and do not waste your valuable time.

3. Arrive on time

As a student, it is your prior responsibility to arrive on time and regularly go to your school. When you arrive on time, you will be considered a responsible and brilliant student. As a result, your teachers will consider you more trustworthy for giving any task to perform than other students who arrive late. An excellent student is always on time.

4. Make your notes

Obedient and excellent student always make their notes properly. You should note each thing that your teacher teaches in your class. It will help you to remember their words more clearly. At the end of the year, you will have a record of your lectures with you.

5. Revise your notes daily

When you have noted all of the lectures delivered by your teachers, you need to go through them daily. It will help you to revise and memorize your topics. It is a trait of a brilliant student to revise the topics daily. Break your course into portions for the preparation of exams. Never procrastinate in revising your lessons daily for being a good student.

6. Complete your homework

Whenever your teacher gives you homework or any assignment, it is your responsibility, as an excellent student, to do it as soon as possible and complete your work on time. It will make you punctual, and your name will be taken, as a willing and brilliant student. You should also prepare your quizzes on time and do not forget to write dairy for your homework, and try to make plans for monthly and weekly reminders for your tests.

7. Memorize your lectures

How to be brilliant in your studies? is not difficult when you memorize your lectures and notes by concepts. It will help you as a student to increase your intelligence level and knowledge about your studies. It is more convenient to learn your subjects with concepts because they will stay in your mind for a long time.

8. Understand questions and Ask questions

Whenever your teacher asks you any question, you need to understand it first, and then you should answer according to your choice as understanding your questions is also a part of your exam or quiz. When you do not understand or confuse any part of the lecture, you should ask questions from your teacher because if not right now, when will you learn, and how can you be a brilliant student?. Also, take guidance from your parents, elder siblings, or friends.

9. Challenge yourself

Whenever you sit for studying you need to give yourself a target and then you have to make yourself achieve that target. In this way, you will get more goals and learn more than before. When you motivate yourself to study, you have better chances of being a good student.

10. Do monotasking

You should learn only one lecture or subject at once. Do not multitask while learning because your attention will break, and you will not remember your lesson well. So, it is better to avoid multitasking, and you should do monotasking. But if you get bored, you can swap your subjects after some time.

An excellent student keeps his full attention and focuses at one point. Remember, you can never cross a river by riding on two different boats.

11. Take breaks during studying

Avoid all distractions while studying and get a little motivation to take little breaks and watch inspirational videos. Watching something fun for ten min will make your mind fresh. Put your cell phone aside and mute your notifications so that you do not get distracted by them.

It would be better and great; if you deleted all social media apps during your final exams. It helps you to keep your concentration on your lesson and to be a good student.

12. Rest well

Along with learning how to be brilliant in studies, do not forget to care for yourself. You should rest well after studying, and you should eat healthy food and avoid all the junk food. Try to sleep for 7 to 8 hours to wake up fresh the very next morning.

13. Stay positive & participate in activities

You need to participate in extracurricular activities like speech competitions, sports, etc. So, that you can get extra credit or your mark sheet as a brilliant student.
It will also help you build up your confidence and self-esteem. Always stay positive, avoid negative thoughts, and behave like a decent student.

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