What To Say To Someone When They Study for Exams? – 7 Best Tips

Motivation is a thing that can make anyone change their mindset and opinion and have greater importance when someone needs to study for exams. It can persuade anyone to do something. When you motivate someone, it helps them to do tasks in a better way. Talking about the education sector, Motivation can help the students to study effectively.

When the date of the exams gets announced, or the date sheet gets displayed, most of the students get stressed out and start panicking about how to study for exams?. And they have to learn how to be good in studies?. They get depressed about their grades and exam preparation.

There are a vast number of skills and strategies about how do you motivate students before exams? Or how to motivate someone to score well in exams?.And how to encourage someone to study fast without forgetting? Or what do you say to them that they get inspired and also get motivated to learn?. You can give guidance to someone who is learning about how to be good in studies?. You can use these tips effectually to motivate someone or your students when they study for exams or any friend feeling stressed about exams.

How to motivate someone to study for exams?

To get frightened at the exam time and have cold sweats because of nervousness is quite understandable for students. Everyone wants to know that; how to be good in studies?

Perhaps, your friend or student is having an exam period, and due to this, feeling disturbed and worried. There is a need to give them support and also motivate them for exam preparation.

Give them courage and reasons why they need to take action. Try to encourage your loved ones by telling them the advantages and consequences of the efforts and the bang of success. You should wish them luck and boost up their self-confidence. When they are so exhausted, try to comfort them and motivate them to become brilliant students.
In this article, you can get plenty of methods to motivate someone to study for exams.

Ways to motivate someone to study for exams

When students hear about exams, they become panic-stricken and frustrated. They start feeling anxious; when they think about how to pass the exams? How to get high grades or score well? How can you make your parents proud after exams? What do you need to prepare for exams in a few days? How to be good in studies?. Or how to study for exams effectively?. They need guidance in this situation. Some of the effective ways to motivate someone for exams are:

1. Give them encouragement

Exam time can be the most challenging situation for any student. In this stressful situation, they have to study for exams. They need someone who uplifts their confidence and spirit them up. You should ask them to believe in their selves and be confident. Talk to them about their previous achievements.

So, they can feel good and motivated. Say some phrases like you can do it or I am proud of you and this exam is nothing in front of your intelligence. And use the perfect tools and things to help you study.

2. Make them calm down

Being agitated and hysterical is symmetric with exams. If someone feels stressed and dizzy when they study for exams, you should do things that can relax them. Hug them and tell them to keep faith in themselves. If you can answer the questions they are getting irritated through, they will calm down surely. Give them some final studying tips. Furthermore, remind them to eat well; and stimulate their minds by doing some exercise or yoga.

3. Tell them about the outcomes

One of the best tricks to motivate someone is to talk about the consequences and advantages of achievements and success. Make sure not to exaggerate anything and be realistic. Thinking about the fruitful and productive results enhances their willpower to study for exams and complete the preparation for the exams.

Tell them that if they score well, their parents will also feel proud of them. Thus, they would get a willingness to know how to be good in studies?. It will surely leave a very good impact on them.

4. Motivational speeches

You can also suggest that they can get help from motivational speeches. There are a lot of influencers and motivational speakers on different online forums who give motivational speeches for students before exams. It can help them a lot to get over this exhausting situation.

And they can solve their exams constructively. If you want to know how to motivate someone, you can also listen to these speakers to get an idea to motivate someone. Motivational speeches are the best source to get courage in this digital world. And listening to motivational speakers gives you the best ideas on how to give a good presentation.

5. Help them in their studies

Make sure to endeavor to help them with their exams. If they are confused about a specific topic, teach them well. As soon as they get relaxed, they want to learn the next one also. Knowing new things can motivate them to learn further.

Also, share some final studying tips that will help them study for exams. Guide them about the ways to be away from stress when they study for exams and keep them motivated to learn.

6. Ask to avoid procrastination

Under exam pressure, most of the students get disheartened and stop trying to get prepared for exams. They might want to study for exams but looking at books makes them anxious and nervy. So, they let it to the next day instead of doing it now. You must tell them to believe in their selves and start studying. Avoiding procrastination can make things easier and you will learn ways to become a successful student. It will undoubtedly lead to victory.

The foremost thing you need to motivate someone is to make them able to realize the importance of this precious time. So, therefore, they should avoid procrastination and also make a timetable to study for exams.

7. Thinking positively

A positive mindset is everything on the road to success. When you have to motivate someone, tell them not to get frightened about the failure and, take a start with a positive mind that you can do it.

Someone who thinks that it is a difficult task and I can never do it; can never lead to success. Tell them to keep their spirit high. Put all the efforts and hope for the best. This courage helps them a lot get out of stress and improve their ability to study for exams. Tell them not to get scared of exams and be hopeful to pass them productively.


You have to say something that can motivate your partner who is feeling stressed about exams. It will help them to relieve tension and focus when they study for exams. You can also use these things to help you study for your exams. These are some inspiring tips you should follow to give support to others.

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