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How to cope when you are not spending Christmas with family? 

Everyone wants to spend their holidays with their families and enjoy themselves with them. There can be many situations where you have to spend Christmas alone or away from your family. It can be your own decision of not spending Christmas with family, or it can be your destiny. It’s okay if fate decides that you are not spending Christmas with family this year. It is very tough for you to stay away from your family in this condition. Every person needs their family’s love and affection, and support that makes them stand strongly before the world.

Many people cannot spend Christmas with their family, and there may be a father who is away from his kids or a mother who cannot celebrate Christmas with her family. It can be a student in a hostel or another city and celebrate Christmas alone without family. Or it can be a boyfriend who has to spend Christmas away from his girlfriend. 

But when situations like these happen, you feel lonely and alone, and you think about how to celebrate Christmas alone? Or how to be happy at Christmas when you are away from your family and friends? How to celebrate Christmas with girlfriend? You should read my tips and tricks and follow them to cope with loneliness when not spending Christmas with family.  

Tips for coping with loneliness when you are not spending Christmas with family  

I am sharing many tips and ways which you can follow to cope with loneliness when you are not spending Christmas with family or when you are lonely at Christmas. Follow and assimilate the mentioned tips to enjoy your Christmas alone and without your family.   not spending Christmas with family

  • Read Books And fly in your fantasy’s

When you are not spending Christmas with family, you get sad and feel alone. The best solution to avoid this loneliness is to read amazing books. You can read books for a successful life, amazing fantasies, science fiction, or a little romantic comedy novel. Trust me! You will feel better, and you will fly in your fantasies. I know that book reading is not a cup of tea for everyone. Some people are not greatly fond of reading; they can listen to books online. There are many apps online that read stories for you.

My recommendations of books for you are;  

  1. The magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz  
  2. The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene  
  3. The traveler’s gift By Andy Andrews  
  4. The code of extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani  
  5. The bear and the nightingale by Writer Katherine Arden  
  6. Harry Potter series by JK Rowling  
  7. The blue sword by Robin McKinley  
  8. The girl who lived by Christopher Greyson  

Reading is one of the best and productive habits that makes you creative, genius, and smart, distinguishing you from others. If you feel sad about being alone and lonely at Christmas and wondering about what to do at Christmas, you can start from reading as it will make your mood good within seconds.  

  • Make a list of seasons on Netflix

Watching Netflix all day and enjoying the most creatively shot and produced seasons or movies is the best activity to do when not spending Christmas with family. On this festival of giving love, affection, and care, when you are alone and away from your family and wondering how to celebrate Christmas by myself this year? Or what to do on Christmas day with no family? Then you can search all the hit and top list Netflix shows, seasons, and movies. Watch them on a marathon and chill.

According to me, the best Tv shows and series that you can binge-watch on all the 12 days of Christmas are;  

  1. The Breaking Bad  
  2. Stranger Things  
  3. Money Heist  
  4. The haunting of hill house  
  5. Squid Game  
  6. Peaky Blinders  
  7. Daredevil  
  8. Narcos  
  9. Lucifer  
  10. 13 Reasons why  

Binge-watching these shows will surely make you forget that you are not spending Christmas with family and are single on Christmas nights. Watching these amazing shows will be a treat to your eyes, and it is like a cherry on the top of the cake during holidays.  

  • Play online games all-day

not spending Christmas with familyOne of the most effective ways is to play online games when you are not spending Christmas with family and getting sad, feeling lonely, and alone, and bored at home. You can play games in the room with your friends and get out of your shells. My recommendations of all times best games so far are;  

  1. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut  
  2. Tetris Effect: Connected  
  3. Chicory: A colorful tale  
  4. Synth Riders  
  5. Deaths Door  
  6. Metroid Dread  
  7. Hitman 3  
  8. PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground)  
  9. Garena Free Fire  
  10. COD (Call of Duty)  

After playing these games, when there are no friends and family at Christmas with you, you will forget that you were alone and sad. Playing games will help you cope with loneliness when you are not spending Christmas with family 

  • Cook Your most favorite dishes

To cope with sadness and loneliness when you are not spending Christmas with family, you can try cooking your most favorite dishes. Cooking meals and baking cookies for you is a form of self-care. There is no substitute for homemade food or desserts that we all have eaten from our childhood to this day. So, treating yourself with your favorite dishes will lift your taste buds, and you will feel happy and excited. You can cook dishes that match your taste buds the most. Just like my favorite dishes that I love to eat at Christmas are;   

  1. Bake waffle with flavors  
  2. Santa hat cheesecake bites  
  3. Fruitcakes  
  4. hot chocolate mix  
  5. Gingerbread cookies  
  6. snowman cupcake  
  7. Santa and reindeer cake  
  8. Sweet Vanilla Pudding  
  9. Chocolate brownies  
  10. Yule log  

I feel pleased and delighted if I eat my favorite food on Christmas. That’s my tip for all the people who are lonely at Christmas. Say no more to your sadness, close all the doors to loneliness, and cook for yourself.  

  • Connect with your family digitally

When you are away from your family and not spending Christmas with family, you feel sad and alone all the time. The best way to cope and deal with loneliness is to connect with your family digitally. I know it is very hard when there is no family and friends at Christmas with you. You can call them and talk to them when you feel lonely at Christmas. Zoom celebrations or watch together parties are the best thing to do when away from your friends and family. Video calls or face time is also one of the best things to do when you miss your family.

You can even surprise your parents, partners, or friends digitally. Make online orders for them and pay their bills for them. You should remain connected with your family through the internet and social media. Your friends are always there for you, and you can have a chit-chat with them any time you want.  

  • Buy gifts for yourself

not spending Christmas with familyBuying gifts for family, friends, and partners are very common on Christmas as it is like a tradition that everyone does. But I think when you are not spending Christmas with family, you cannot receive gifts from your family on time or surprise them with gifts. You can treat yourself in this phase of loneliness with amazing gifts.

According to Bill Keane, who is an American cartoonist said;  

“The great gift is to give hugs, and the only wrapping is your arms.”  

For instance, you can buy yourself some amazing winter clothes and shoes. You can buy a bag for yourself or buy a teddy bear for yourself. As a human, you need to treat yourself well and, in this way, other people will also treat you well. You can gift yourself a car, a 1-week trip or even lots of amazing books that you were wishing to buy for a long time but couldn’t. You can even gift yourself a beautiful Christmas tree and other decorations that you can use later in decorating your house.  

  • Make new year resolution goals

Utilize your precious time in making new year resolution goals and a list of things you want to start next year. You can also make a list of things that you want to quit next year. For example, you can make goals that will help you stay healthy next year. Drink more water, get into perfect shape, or overcome laziness, and you will quit your bad habits. You can add learning a new skill and language to your goals. New year resolution should be a progressive one that will help you grow and become what you want. It can contain some actions you want to stop and quit for a long time but cannot.

It can be some little promises to yourself, like stopping complaining about things, judging others, or never comparing yourself with others and others with you. You will stop procrastinating tasks and end the toxic relationships that give you unnecessary stress and depression. If you want to adopt a pet next year or if you want to become an organ Donor or you want to donate blood, you can add all these things into your next year’s goals when you are alone and not spending Christmas with family 

  • Take time to Volunteer

 not spending Christmas with familyYou can utilize your time in volunteering for different organizations that help poor and needy people when you are not spending Christmas with family. You can volunteer at the orphanage, become Santa for little kids, and donate clothes and food. And you can also volunteer at food shelters during Christmas and feed homeless people. Volunteering at shelter houses and providing shelters and a warm home to needy people will make you happier.  

Sherry Anderson, who is a Canadian curler, said;  

“Volunteers are not worthless because they don’t get paid, but they are priceless, and they have so much worth.”  

You can volunteer at local hospitals, and you can cheer up those patients who cannot see their families during this Christmas. There are many nursing homes, animal shelters, or women’s shelters where you can volunteer this Christmas instead of being alone at Christmas. You can also volunteer at old age houses and talk with older people. A call companion for older people or the elderly can also be a good volunteering experience.  

  • Enjoy your time in solitude

Enjoy your time in solitude, and do not feel lonely and alone. Think about the positive side of not spending Christmas with family and nobody around you. You need to take advantage of this solitude completely, relax, and release all the tension you have been carrying for a long time. Go for long walks to enjoy the colorful and beautiful sceneries and pretty glooming decorations of Christmas. You need to stop yourself from feeling alone and sad to be productive in your holidays, and you should work on becoming a more decisive person. Read a career-related and motivational book to boost your energy and go for your dreams and goals. You can enjoy this amazing solitude in developing a daily skincare routine for yourself or staying fit and fine. You can attend professional online or offline networking events to grow your social networks and links and become more socially active.  

  • Take a Nap, chill, and be lazy

 not spending Christmas with familyStop worrying about your loved ones when you are not spending Christmas with family, quit overthinking, and stop being over-sensitive and overdramatic about being single at Christmas. This Christmas, you can waste your time without any guilt as it is okay to cheat during holidays for a week or some days. It is completely fine you use your time into napping all day. Napping has so many benefits that you can get when you are lonely at Christmas. It gives you relaxation, reduces muscles fatigue, helps in increasing alertness, helps in improving your mood, and increases your memory. You should forget that it is Christmas and do what you want to do. You can even utilize all of your time into the vastness of the internet and social media all day without any guilt or shame. From childhood, we are always told that you should enjoy Christmas and have fun, but remember to be generous in buying gifts for others.  

  • All you need to do is stop negative thoughts and enjoy your holidays to the fullest, even if you are alone or not spending Christmas with family. I hope you be the happiest person this Christmas and get whatever you desire and dream. I truly hope you enjoy my ideas and tips to cope with loneliness when you are not spending Christmas with family, and you are lonely at Christmas. Merry Christmas to my readers and viewers.

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