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What are the signs that your coworkers don’t like you? – 11 most visible signs

Having hatred feelings at a place where you have to spend most hours of your day is undoubtedly an arduous task. Are you also the one feeling left out at work? Have you identified the signs that your coworkers don’t like you? Do you feel arrogance, neglect, and avoidance in their attitudes? It is a red flag sign for you if you know all these predicaments and observe the signs that your coworkers don’t like you. It is natural that you also have to manage bad relationships to develop good relations.

In the same way, where you have good and friendly people at work, you also have to confront negative and toxic people.

Working in an environment where you perceive negativity and hatred from your coworkers, you also suffer from loneliness. You feel alone at work when all your coworkers engage and communicate except you because they don’t like you.

One of the research on the effects of the workplace indicates that workplace isolation negatively affects the trust among supervisors and coworkers.

You can spot the behavior your coworkers enjoy your company or not or what kind of feelings they have for you by the signs that your coworkers don’t like you. Identifying signs you are like at work can boost your spirit and passion for working. When your coworkers like you, you are more confident, productive, and focused on your work. Learn about toxic people at work to understand their behavior.

signs that your coworkers don't like you

Your attitude and behavior may make others avoid you and stop involving you in any discussion. You can cause their disliking behavior towards you to feel left out and alone at work. Therefore, recognizing the signs that your coworkers don’t like you helps you in changing your behavior, improving the situation, and fostering a positive work environment.

An international speaker and author of “The Humor Advantage,” Michael Kerr, says that Everything becomes easier when your coworker likes you.

If you are unaware of why your coworkers dislike you, you should first understand why your coworkers hate you.

Why your coworkers don’t like you?

It is good to be friends with your coworkers and develop good relationships, but what if they don’t like you? What if they prefer staying away from you?

The foremost thing is to check yourself and understand whether you have any negative or toxic traits in your character that become a reason for others getting away from you on not.

signs that your coworkers don't like you

Following are some obvious reasons why your colleagues hate you and perceive the signs that your coworkers don’t like you.

  • You are overconfident and have a bossy attitude.
  • Always complaining about minor things that are normal things.
  • Insulting and taunting coworkers frequently.
  • You are lazy and never finish a project on time.
  • Have no qualities of a good listener and interrupt while others are talking.
  • Always backbiting others and involved in gossip.
  • You are hot-tempered and never understand the situation.
  • Messy person and never organize things.
  • You are blaming, humiliating, and mocking your coworkers most of the time.
  • Maybe they are jealous of your skills and achievements.
  • They still hold grudges due to a former dispute or controversy.
  • You are a more efficient, effective, and productive worker than them.

All these can be why your coworkers hate you and dislike you. This hatred and unwanted feelings can demolish your enthusiasm and give rise to the signs of low self-esteem in a man. Therefore, certainly understand and spot the signs that your coworkers don’t like you to take vital measures.

Signs that your coworkers don’t like you

Here are some prominent and obvious signs that your coworkers don’t like you that can help you change the working situation.

1. Your 6th sense is the evidence

One of the biggest signs that your coworkers don’t like you is your gut feeling or your 6th sense. Humans can sense what is happening around them and how others are behaving. Having a feeling that your coworkers don’t like you is because of the certainty that you have observed their behavior and sensed weird feelings earlier.
Believe in your sentiments, analyze their behavior for some time and identify other signs that your coworkers don’t like you. If you spot them, maintain a distance.

2. No group discussions involving you

signs that your coworkers don't like you

When a group of your coworkers discusses new plans and strategies for future undertakings, you are not involved in this discussion.
It is also among subtle signs that your coworkers don’t like you and feel alone at work. Maybe it is merely your assumptions; take a step towards them and engage with them to validate whether they have hatred feelings for you or only your suppositions.

3. Strange body language

Other signs that your coworkers don’t like you include strange body language. When coworkers nurture hatred towards you, they don’t make eye contact with you, and it is a ringing bell that they are uninterested.

For example, when talking, they continue their work and gaze at their screens or cell phones.
Furthermore, they turn their side when you are passing by them or stop discussing when you arrive in the room. All these are signs to let you know their dislike for you.

4. Never appreciate your work

When you are being disliked at work, you will get disagreements at every step because your coworkers will never appreciate you for what you have done. Even if you have applied a lot of effort and hard work, they still find a negative aspect to reject it. It is a clear sign that you are not their favorite, and they have no appreciation for you in their words or actions.
If your workplace culture is good and you have a positive work environment, you might admire others but not those who dislike you.

5. Avoid talking and engaging with you

If you are the person who is being avoided at work and your coworkers prefer a conversation that doesn’t include you, then it is one of the clear signs that your coworkers don’t like you.
It is benevolent nature that when we like or respect someone, we want to get engaged and communicate, but if your presence does not matter to your coworkers, it means you are not their ideal person.

For example, there is a going conversation, but everyone goes silent and gets back to their work when you arrive. It means that they are avoiding you because they don’t like you.

6. Don’t want to be teamed up with you

signs that your coworkers don't like you

Want to know about the traits and signs that your coworkers don’t like you? Most prominent is that they don’t want to be your partner. When they are teamed up with you, they try their best to group up with someone else.
Understandably, you feel alone at work because your coworkers don’t want to work with you. It is realistic that if you work together, they have to spend a lot of their time with you, but they avoid getting engaged with you.

7. Give short and to the point replies

Signs you are liked at work indicate that when you communicate, others also put an effort and ask open-ended questions to have a healthy conversation.
But what if you get only to the point, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ type of answers? It means that the other person is not interested in talking to you and wants to end this communication.
If you receive this impression and short replies from your coworkers, it is a hint that they are frustrated by your presence and don’t want to talk, and you suffer from loneliness at the workplace.

8. Avoid in-person communication with you

If your coworkers avoid communicating with you in person and say it before you. They will text you or email you even if you are sitting next to them to avoid talking to you.
It is a disrespectful gesture and one of the evident signs that your coworkers don’t like you. Digital communication is good to stay connected, but if they are doing it intentionally to avoid you, it is a sign that you are being disliked at work. Communication is necessary at the workplace and you should work for it, Read here about the importance of communication skills at workplace.

9. Have no interest in your personal life

One of the signs you are liked at work is that your coworkers are interested in talking to you about your life and routine. If your coworkers don’t like you and don’t want any relationship with you, they will never ask you what is going on in your life? Are you feeling well and is Everything alright? They will never support or protect you if you face hardships in life and go through a tough time.
When they have no concern with you or your life, this behavior is one of the signs that your coworkers don’t like you.

10. Facial expressions describe the story

signs that your coworkers don't like you

You can also observe their facial expressions to know that they have high hatred for you. Analyze their behavior, and you will get a hint of their behavior. When your coworkers don’t like you, they might roll their eyes when you look at them. If you pass a smile while passing by them, they will give no verbal or nonverbal response.
They might stare at you consistently with angst facial expressions and never returns a smile. This is also a great sign among the signs that your coworkers don’t like you.

11. No invitation for after-work gatherings

It is one of the common signs that your coworkers don’t like you if you have to frequently face a situation where you are not invited to a social gathering.

Suppose your coworkers go for lunch during lunch break together or share some quality time having a cup of coffee together after completing their working hours. Or a small gathering is organized, but you are unaware of all these happenings.
Then there is no doubt that you are not a person of their choice and don’t want to have you in their friendly gatherings. It is one of the crystal clear signs that your coworkers don’t like you, and therefore you feel alone at work.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the signs that your coworkers don’t like you and you feel at the workplace.

Q: How do you deal with being hated at work?

If you are disliked at work, you should describe your good character and behave respectfully. Stay away from them as much as you can but don’t be abusive or rude. Kill them with kindness, accept the reality, focus on your work, and do not care what others say. Keep your self-confidence high and develop signs of high self-esteem in yourself.

Q: How do you tell if coworkers don’t like you?

Your coworkers avoid talking and getting engaged with you. They make an effort to ignore you and exclude you from their gatherings as much as possible. That is why you feel left out at work. They will talk behind your back and don’t involve in their group discussions. All these are the signs that your coworkers don’t like you.

Q: Why do my female coworkers hate me?

If a female coworker hates you, she may not like your attitude or behavior with others. It can also happen that she is jealous of your skills and talents. She considers herself a less productive worker than you and therefore dislikes you, or if she feels disrespect from your any action, she will have hatred feelings for you.

Final words

Handling coworkers who have hatred feelings for you and being disliked at work is difficult, but you have to deal with them for your career development. Therefore, surely learn the signs that your coworkers don’t like you to spot those individuals. Also, learn how to deal with coworkers who don’t like you to improve your professional relationships, work performance, satisfaction from the job, and reduce alienation in the workplace.

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