How to remove fear from mind and heart? – 5 Steps to overcome fear

What is fear?

Before anything else, you need to summarize what fear is? and How to remove fear from mind and heart?
The sentimental emotion of Horror, angst, dismay, dread, alarm, agitation, and consternation is called fear.

Fear is a state of mind in which you get scared and frightened from certain things, and it gives you anxiety from time to time. It is a primitive and crude kind of emotion.
It is an unpleasant state of your emotions that makes you feel threatened by any danger, or you feel the terror of things.

Fear also causes anxiety in you, and you get trounced by your worries whenever you get scared.
Humans have a nature to avoid all the things which scare them the most. Getting traumatized over anything, animal, or a place causes you to feel anxious all the time. So, everyone wanted to overcome fear from mind and heart. But no one actually knows, how to do it? or How to remove fear from mind?

How to remove fear from mind and heart?

You have to remove fear from mind and make yourself dominant on your worries.
Should overcome your fears, or they will soon conquer you. You have to defeat your worries, and for that, you need to know the strategies to overcome fear.
Many people ask how to stop living in fear, or how to stop being scared. You can read more about how to be brave at a well written blog here and overcome fears, so I have concluded some excellent tips that will remove all the anxiety you get from your fear.

Steps to overcome fear

Following are the steps to overcome and remove fear from mind.

There are five tips and ways that you can follow to remove fear from the mind.

1. Distract Your thoughts

When you fear something, you start panicking and feel a threat over your head. Living in fear is not a great deal in life. You should think about how to overcome fear and stop getting scared? For that, you need to distract your thoughts from positivity and good things around you.

You have fear from the dark, and you feel scared and angst when no lights are turned on. You have to distract yourself by thinking like;
I am not in the dark, and this is not a big deal.
I am brave, and I enjoyed myself a lot with my friends today.

Doing these little positive things can distract your heart and remove fear from mind. Breathing and respiratory exercises will also help you overcome your phobias and fears, as by doing so, you distract yourself from breathing. You can also try watching comedy movies, cartoons if you are scared of being alone at your home.

2. Confront your fears

You have to face all of your traumas and to remove fear from mind,  you should start doing it by confronting them. This helps you recognize what made you scared of your anxiety. So, one of the best things is to say that fear not or for I have overcome the world.
This will make you stay stronger even if the situation is worst, as you will think that this threat is nothing but just my imagination.

Fear is like fire; if you do not stop, it will burn you, and everything around you and your surroundings will become coal.

So, you need to remove fear pathfinder to defeat your fears.

3. Perfectionism does not exist

Nobody is perfect, so you need to stop running behind perfectionism. Everyone has falls and drawbacks as perfectionism does not exist.
It’s okay if you fear something as you are a human, and being human makes you a person and indicates that you have emotions and you feels them. Sometimes your feelings catch you, and you start getting scared by it. You need to think about how to stop getting scared instead of hiding from it.

4. Talk about your fear openly

You should talk about your fears openly so that you overcome them by discussing them. You should express what makes you scared to your parents. They will understand you, and they will help you in overcoming it. You need to discuss how to stop living in fear and how to remove fear from mind; your friends and family will give you suggestions and ideas. You should also get support from people who have faced the same fear as you.

5. Belief and spirituality

You can overcome your trauma and Horror with the help of your faith. Your belief will help you think that only the creature is the one who can make your life beautiful and peaceful and not your fears. This help from faith gives you spirituality, and you feel relaxed in this case. It also distracts your thoughts and gives you hope in life.

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