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How to prank your friends on April fool’s day? – 8 Best prank ideas  

The month of pranks and jokes has arrived, and all of you are wondering how to prank your friends on April fool’s day? There are so many stories related to the origin and history of April fool’s day. People often ask who discovered this day? And why do we celebrate April fool’s day? How can we prepare for the April Fool’s Day celebration and how to play good and funny pranks on your friends?  

I have shared everything I know about this aspect with you and for more knowledge, read my full article.  

History of April fool’s day

prank your friends on April fool's dayAre you wondering about who invented April fool’s day? You may think about how to prank your friends on April fool’s day and what is the best way to prank your friends online?  

April Fool’s Day is the annual practice on April 1st, consisting of pranks, jokes, and tricks. Pranksters often shout, “April Fool’s Day!” To reveal their actions. At the recipient or the person on which they have played a prank. The mass media can be involved in these mischiefs, which can be revealed the next or same day. This day is not a holiday in any other country except only Cyprus, where this day is a national holiday. In Odesa, Ukraine, April 1st is the official city holiday.

Winston Churchill, a British statesman and a former Prime Minister of the UK, said: “Even fools are right some of the times, and it is one of the greatest life lessons.”  

This day was first mentioned in the Canterbury Tales of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in 1392.

In 1561, the Flemish poet named Eduard de Dene wrote about a nobleman who sent his servants on April 1st for stupid errands. In the Netherlands, the origin of April Fool’s Day is often due to the Dutch victory in Brielle, where the Duke Alvarez de Toledo of Spain was defeated in 1572.   

“As long as a humorous thing is happening with others, everything is very funny until it happens to us.” Says Will Rogers, an American actor and vaudeville performer.  

In a famous mischievous prank in 1957, the BBC aired a movie in its current panoramic series, showing Swiss farmers who are picking freshly made spaghetti from the land, and they called it Swiss Spaghetti Harvest.

The BBC was soon flooded with many requests to order and buy spaghetti plants, and it was forced to declare the movie a hoax and prank in the news the next day.  

There are thousands of stories about the history of April fool’s day, but we don’t know which one is true.  

Prank Ideas to prank your friends on April fool’s day

prank your friends on April fool's dayThere are many great ideas to prank your friends on April fool’s day, and I am here to help you prank your friends.  

1. Horn under the seats

As April has just started, all of you want to prank your friends on April fool’s day. There are thousands of pranks by which you can play hoax. Sticking horns under the seats and chairs of your friends or coworkers is a great idea. You should hide a fart horn or truck horn under your friend’s chair or car seat and wait for them to sit on it.  

“A day is wasted if it is without laughter,” says Charlie Chaplin, an English filmmaker, and comic actor.

Be ready with your camera and record their reaction and how terrified they will look after sitting on the seat. This can also become a little embarrassing situation for your friends if suddenly a loud fart sound comes from them. Let’s play this trick to prank your friends on April fool’s day and make them a fool.  

 2. Change drinks and record reactions

prank your friends on April fool's dayChanging your friends’ drinks with undrinkable things is also a good way to prank your friends on April fool’s day. All you have to do is some creativity with their drinks. For instance, you can put salt in their coke and lemon in the coffee. Always prepare to record their reactions.   

According to Rick Riordan, the best-selling American author: “When your life feels like a joke, it is hard to enjoy a funny, practical joke.”

Spiking drinks is also a good idea but remember to do it only with your close friends who will not take your joke personally. Put wine in their Grape juice, wait until they get drunk, and start doing funny things. You can also put toothpaste in their vanilla latte or shaving cream in their morning coffee.  

3. Prank calls from new numbers

prank your friends on April fool's dayPrank your friends on April fool’s day as it is a type of happiness as we all have pranked our friends with our new numbers in the past.

Do this jape with your friends and send them a message telling them how much you missed them and when you had a crush on them and all of this is a joke and lie.

See if they fall into your prank or you get caught by them. If texting is not working, then do prank calls to your friends.  

Clive James, an Australian journalist, critic, and writer, said: “The sense of humor is the same as common sense, which is dancing. Both are the same, but they are moving are different speeds.”

Tell them that their pizza is on its way to delivery, then wait till they say that they have never ordered a pizza. There are many more things by which you can prank your friends on April fool’s day, like calling them acting like a police officer and telling them they have crossed a signal at high speed, etc. Order food under your friend’s credit card and act as if nothing has happened before them.  

4. Onions and ginger under chocolates

prank your friends on April fool's dayAnother great way to prank your friends on April fool’s day is to dip onions in the chocolate and soak garlic or ginger in the chocolate cakes. Sprinkle these onions dipped in chocolate and serve them to your friends and tell them you have cooked and baked these, especially for them.   

“The ability of a person to take a joke and not only make it proves that the person has a sense of humor in him,” says Max Eastman, an American poet, and writer.  

You can also hide some real chocolates between them and let them find out which is the imposter here. Always prepare your cellphone to record the ugly reactions after munching these chocolates.

5. Replaces creams with toothpaste

prank your friends on April fool's dayApril is a month that starts with making a fool of others. You can prank your friends on April fool’s day by replacing the creams of their cookies or Oreos with toothpaste or pouring shaving creams on their cakes.   

“The First day of April is where we all recognize what we were the other 364 days of the year,” says Mark Twain, American humorist, writer, and entrepreneur.  

Let them eat their biscuits and see their funny reactions. You can also replace their shaving cream with ice cream or cake creams and wait till they taste their shaving creams. They will have no idea that they got played by you.  

6. Scare your friends creatively

prank your friends on April fool's dayPrank your friends on April fool’s day by scaring them. You can scare them with a piece of horrific music and switch off all the lights in their rooms. You can knock on their windows at night and pull their blankets while they are sleeping.   

The American writer and actor Jermaine Fowler said: “I don’t know why people don’t play pranks anymore, I love them, and they are great.”

This situation will make them total freaks, and they will get scared. You can scare them by hiding under their bed or behind the door. Scream at their face, and they see how they react to it.  

 7. Add powder in vacuum or dryer

prank your friends on April fool's dayIf your friend lives close to you or is your roommate, it is great. You can prank your friends on April fool’s day by putting powder in their blow dryers. When they use a blow dryer, it will blow all the powder on their face.   

Mac Barnett, an American children’s writer, said: “A good prank is always harmless and just like a story, it shows an important truth that would have been hidden otherwise.”  

Also, you can use floor or salt in their vacuum cleaners and play many other funny antics on them. There are many other pranks that you can play on your roommates and laugh out loud at them.  

8. Spin a toilet paper

prank your friends on April fool's dayPlaying pranks on friends is like therapy for how to find happiness. You can trick and prank your friends on April fool’s day with a sudden attack of toilet paper roll at them.  

According to Kayvan Novak, a British comedian, and actor, “Getting a negative reaction from people is not what my pranks are about, but there was always a patience test of the person with whom I was going to play a prank.”

Spin toilet paper at your friends, colleagues, or even your siblings and irritate them. Record them controlling the spinning toilet paper, see how much they lose their control, and burst out laughing.  


Here are questions related to April fool’s day, which are frequently asked on google.  

Q: What to do on April Fool’s Day?  

April Fool’s Day is a day of playing pranks and tricks. People have the great opportunity to prank friends on April fool’s day by spreading jokes and laughter. People plan various pranks to have a good and great time in spreading smiles. People who play April Fool’s jokes yell “April Fool’s Day” to reveal their tactics.  

Q: How to prank your friends at home?  

Pranking someone or pulling a trick is an old tradition among friends, enemies, siblings, and professionals. You need to put a straight face, some great efforts, and a pinch of creativity, and you will soon find your target unknowingly stumbling upon your trick and mischief.  You can prank your friends on April fool’s day by following my prank ideas.

Q: How to prank your friends online?  

Pranks have taken a greater modern and online turn. Pranks are full of smiles, laughter, and they lighten the mood and temper. Pranks create great memories and reminiscences that you will cherish forever. Thinking about how to prank your friends on April fool’s day then Online Pranks are the best as they are harmless, silly, witty, and could make anyone laugh, including the person who is being pranked. Play an antic on them by calling or texting them from unknown Facebook or Instagram accounts and irritate them.  

Q: Do other countries celebrate April Fool’s Day?  

Yes, many other countries celebrate April fool’s day; for instance, Danish and Swedish people have two days of enjoyment and jokes. May 1st is a mischievous or joke day, Majkat (My Cat), and April 1st is April Fool’s Day. In Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, the media and news channels often publish false articles and news in honor of April Fool’s Day, and many other countries celebrate this day. In Brazil, it is known as o dia das mentiras, which literally means “day of lies,” or dia dos bobos, which means “day of fools.”

Final Words:  

I hope you enjoyed reading my articles on how to prank your friends on April fool’s day, and you get an amazing idea after going through my blog. 

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