8 Best Tips to make someone feel comfortable at Workplace?

Fostering a positive work environment and making someone feel comfortable at the workplace is an essential need to keep a workplace healthy and productive in your work. You should think about your employee’s comfort and make a collaborative environment at the workplace.

Many employees feel disturbed, unable to share thoughts, and keep themselves quiet at the workplace because of an unhealthy environment.

Good leadership quality makes someone feel comfortable at workplace, and employees feel safe, secure, valued, and welcomed. If your employees feel useless and loneliness in the work and have no good team atmosphere, they can never show enthusiasm in their work.
“Leaman once adopted a survey method and concluded that employees who work in unhappy environments, bad temperature and air quality, lighting and noise issues, are more likely to say that their productivity at work gets affected.”

People who tend to feel at home at their workplace and have a comfortable job can bring more efficiency, activeness, and productivity to their work.

Do you feel the need to make someone feel comfortable at workplace? Have you ever realized that everyone should feel at ease to speak up? Do you ever think about how comfortable you are with your team or employees? Have you ever taken any measures to establish a balanced, productive, and comfortable workplace culture?
If your answer is “Yes,” a thumbs up to you and good luck, but if it is a “No,” realize the importance of having a comfortable work environment.

Why is it important to make someone feel comfortable at workplace?

According to an article from Forbes about the importance of fostering a work environment. 87% of employees appreciate healthy workspaces, and 93% of employees stay with a company that provides healthy workspace benefits.
It is important to make employees comfortable for several good and healthy reasons. It improves bonding and collaboration among colleagues and helps in great team building. Many employees prefer to stay quiet in front of higher authorities and do not feel comfortable around higher management, but they can have marvelous ideas and strategies.

“Once Lloyd Blankfein, an American investment banker, said, as a Big company’s CEO, I have to be champion of our people’s interests as insofar as their ability to their job, to feel comfortable at work and be able to fulfill their ambitions.”

When someone feels comfortable at the workplace and feels at ease sharing thoughts, their ideas might click on someone’s mind. And can make a strategy helpful for the whole organization. Employees with a supportive work environment and familiar team atmosphere tend to stay more at work than their homes and bring more creativity and innovation.
When someone feel comfortable at workplace, then valuable and beneficial relationships can be developed among employees.

Need for a comfortable work environment

Fostering an inclusive environment at work helps the company grow because of honest and sincere feedback. This feedback can also help find solutions for potential issues and problems related to work.
Many companies keep their employees under pressure and stress but fostering a positive work environment and making someone feel comfortable at workplace is more beneficial.

According to the estimation of the American Psychological Association, U.S. companies lost more than $500 billion because of workplace stress. Also, due to job stress, 550 million workdays are lost.

Cost of disengagement, uncomfortable environment, and stress are getting higher in workplaces. So, therefore, make someone feel comfortable at workplace for better growth and welfare of the company.

To foster a positive work environment is necessary because when employees feel that the company invests in their comfort, they will invest back in its progress and success. If you are also looking to make people feel comfortable at work and develop a happy team atmosphere, learn and incorporate the following ways.

How to make someone feel comfortable at workplace?

Try to develop a supportive work environment to enhance work productivity and effectiveness. Here are some brilliant and best ways to make someone feel comfortable at workplace.

1. Initiate team building activities

Workplace environments impact the productivity and well-being of employees. You should develop a less stressful and comfortable workplace culture for work progress. Team building activities and tasks are a great way to make someone feel comfortable at workplace. As an employee, you should also work on making people feel comfortable around you.

According to Phil Jackson, an American former basketball player, each member is the team’s strength, and the team is the strength of each member.

In office timings or working hours, no one gets the time to engage with each other. Arrange events and activities that display the individual’s interests and likings. For example, team dinners, singing competitions, playing games such as “Never have I ever” can help you to make your employees feel at home. Employees should be close to each other and develop good connections with their team.

Team building is extraordinarily essential for a company’s growth and progress. As long as your employees feel irritated and fatigued because of the behavior of their coworkers, they can never feel at ease in sharing ideas and techniques.

This will ruin the whole team atmosphere. Working as a team leads a company to grow higher and higher. Team building is certainly a good thing to do to make someone feel comfortable at workplace.

2. Develop healthy relationships

A workplace should be a place of comfort that is tension-relieving and distraction-free. There should be good and healthy relationships among coworkers and the boss. In companies where a supportive workplace environment is not provided to employees, many of these employees do not participate in progress.
They come to the office, do their work, and return home. Developing good relationships is the basic foundation for fostering a positive work environment and making someone feel comfortable at workplace.

Most of the employees feel hesitation to talk in front of their boss and do not find their comfort around higher management.

But if there is a friendly work relation between colleagues and employees, it would be beneficial for the company. Make them feel comfortable and trust you to foster an inclusive workplace environment.

3. Appreciate the hard workers

What do your employees want in appreciation of their work? Just some good words and comments of appreciation. Only a word of ‘Good job’ encourages them to work more and more with their heart. Think about yourself, if you put an incredible effort in making a report, assignment, or achieving your targets, and you get no appreciation from your boss.

How would you feel? Undoubtedly, a feeling of being meaningless, and unnecessary, and end up with feeling useless at work. If you leave the hardworking employees unnoticed, they will get demotivated. And over time, they will have no interest in fulfilling their job or task. This is surely a bad thing for a company’s success.
So, to make someone feel comfortable at workplace, foster a positive work environment and appreciate them.

Reward your employees occasionally for their hard work and assign them bonuses to keep up their good work.

After a few months of continuous effort, you can also arrange a reward ceremony. In this ceremony, appreciate your employees, give them an extra facility at the workplace or set up a pick and drop service for them.
You can also arrange a target bonus to appreciate your employees achieving their goals. These all things can make someone feel comfortable at workplace and bring more productivity, retention, and efficiency to work.

4. Approach your employees

To make someone feel comfortable at workplace, try to approach your employees. A positive, supportive work environment involves doing work activities and having an emotional connection between employees and the boss. It is a quality and trait of a good leader or a boss to approach his employees and talk about their problems.

Ask them if something is irritating them or if they are facing any problem in their lives. Do not criticize them and give them emotional support to encourage them. They will feel happy and consider the workplace as their home.

Angela Ahrendts, an American businesswoman, said, everyone talks about developing a relationship with customers, but I think you should develop a relationship with your employees first.

Try to talk to your workers in a friendly way, give a smile while passing by them, give a tap on their shoulder to make them feel comfortable at workplace. Compliment them when they are looking good or have updated their style. A good work ethic makes the workplace environment comfortable and relaxing. You should honestly work on it to make someone feel comfortable at workplace.

5. Facilitate your employees

If you want to make someone feel comfortable at workplace, you should facilitate them in several ways. For example, providing them with good and comfortable furniture, an easy desk, and a chair helps them work easily and comfortably.
Choose the comfy interior design for your office because it impacts workers’ behavior.

If the surrounding is messed up, filthy, and unorganized, it will leave an awful impact on workers. Employees feel it good to spend more time at the workplace than their home if the office is comfortable.

Also, keep a proper track of lighting issues, temperature control, and proper ventilation system. Fresh air makes the soul relaxed and calmed and positively impacts behaviors.

World Green Building Council carried out research and concluded that fresh air to the workstation and reduced pollutants increase 11% in productivity.

It is also a great option to make someone feel comfortable at workplace by allowing them to wear casual dresses. Provide them with a relaxing break area to sit and relieve tension in their spare break time. This is a good tip for making people feel comfortable at their workplaces and helps foster a positive work environment.

6. Help employees in learning

If someone is working with you, it is your responsibility to help them learn new things. They will feel comfortable working in a good team atmosphere and helpful workplace culture. This is the best option for making people feel comfortable at work? Initially, many workers are nervous about their work, and they need the guidance and support of their seniors.

It is also best to share anything you learn to foster an inclusive environment at work. When everyone shares their knowledge, other workers will also learn about other skills. That is the best strategy for developing a good and positive work environment and making someone feel comfortable at workplace.

7. Improve communication activities

Communication is the most important requirement of a successful workplace. It also helps to make someone feel comfortable at workplace because when someone can communicate without hesitation, there will be a good team atmosphere.
Make your comfortable to the extent that they can talk to you about right or wrong. Give them the right to speak up and share innovative ideas for the company’s growth.

The President and CEO of Yahoo said that it is all about hiring the best people, retaining them, cultivating a good environment, and assisting to uncover ways to innovate.

Many employees feel hesitant to confront others and speak in front of all the employees due to the fear of mocking or taunting. So, you can also provide a feedback questionnaire to take improvement suggestions from all the employees.
Another factor that disturbs workplace environments is conflict. Develop conflict resolving capabilities and be courageous enough to make a decision. Listen properly and do justice while decision-making. Learn here more about some incredible ways to handle conflict at work.

8. Give your employees proper privacy

Although it is good to improve team-building but not up to an appropriate level, no one feels comfortable and pleased if being monitored all the time. Let your employees do their work and make sure not always to check on them. It is good to check their job performance and work productivity, but they will feel good if you trust them.
Employees will feel an appreciation if you let them work on their own, and as a result, they will do more efforts to fulfill their tasks. Trust is the glue of every relationship, personal or professional. This thing will undoubtedly help you to make someone feel comfortable at workplace.

Ending words

Do not be afraid to speak and if you have any good suggestions related to making someone feel comfortable at workplace, utilize them at your workplace. You should promote a positive work environment and a comfortable job for your employees for company success.
Colleagues spend a great amount of time together at work, and they are your second family. So, take measures to create healthy and productive workplace environments.

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