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Exams make every student more frustrated than anything in the world. Students get stressed out and sometimes depressed when they think about Obtaining good marks? How to write answers in exam to get good marks? How to study without forgetting and doing your best in exams?

The whole year or semester is dependent on the exams. And every student wishes to score well in exams and be a successful student.

Students should be completely prepared for the exams, and they should understand all the topics if they want to write answers in exam to get good marks.

When students prepare for an exam, they revise the course completed during the exam night. It isn’t very easy for them. Taking lectures, making notes, doing assignments and quizzes, memorizing the topics, and then revising them is not easy for any student. All your hard work can go in vain if you cannot describe the topic well and make the examiner get your point in a sufficient amount of knowledge.  

Struggles of students

Some students face struggles because they have so much knowledge, but they can’t express them correctly and cannot give a proper answers in exams. They don’t know how to attempt the paper and how to write answers in exam to get good marks. 

It is natural to get stressed and overwhelmed due to exam pressure, and many students forget what they have studied. They get nervous because of the tense and nerve-racking situation, and in this situation, the only thing that can help them is to be in a sense and understand what you have to write and how will you do it?

Research shows that high levels of stress reduce working memory, interfere with attention, and lower performance.

You might have seen a lot of brilliant students who are good at learning, understanding the concepts, and doing practicals, but their exams results are exclusively the opposite. They have not written satisfactory answers, and their paper does not satisfy the examiner, so how can they expect remarkable grades? 

So, the conclusion is, no matter how much effort you have done and how much knowledge you have, if you are unable to write the best and most satisfying answers in exams, you can never score well. Therefore, along with studying and preparing for your exams, also learn the paper attempting skills and work on how to write answers in exam to get good marks. 

Tips to write answers in exam to get good marks

Here I am sharing some tips that you can follow during my exams. Keeping these tips in mind will make you very placid, calm, focused, and oriented.

These are a few tips students must follow to write answers in exam to get good marks and be successful in their academic careers.

1. Calm down and stay fresh

You can never write answers in exams if you are mentally anxious or nervous. It is merely an exam of two or three hours, and after this time, your worries get away. For writing the best answers to get good marks in exams, every student should enter the exam hall with their emotions calmed down and a fresh mind.

To write answers in exam to get good marks, Take a substantial amount of sleep because a sleepy mind cannot do anything productive. Be serene, calm, and keep confidence in the endeavors that you have done. A calm and fresh mind can develop a strategy that can help write the answers correctly and satisfactorily.

2. Clear your mind

If you have notions revolving around your mind and you cannot focus on the paper due to stress or absent-mindedness. You might be thinking about what will be the questions in the exam? How can I attempt all questions? I have forgotten everything that I studied for the exams? Then, stay calm and clear your mind from all these thoughts that break your courage and try to boost your self-confidence.

According to Christian D. Larson, an American author, believe in yourself and what you are and know that something inside you is greater than any barrier.

Take a deep breath, clear all other unnecessary thoughts, and stay focused. Be bold and have confidence in yourself and keep only one thing in your mind: you have to write answers in exam to get good marks.

3. Read your question paper twice

Do you ever think that how can you write answers in exam to get good marks if you have no understanding of the question? 

The basic thing is to read the question and understand what is being asked? And also, look for the instructions about writing answers that you have to write a paragraph or barely describe the key points in three to four lines.

Before writing anything on your answer sheet, Read the entire question; it will make you think about the right answer. Don’t rush and never make these terrible little silly mistakes. Read the instructions very carefully whether you have to attempt all questions or choose to select. This helps you understand the questions and manage the time to write answers in exam to get good marks.

4. Manage your time

To write answers in exam to get good marks, every student should manage the time; otherwise, unable to attempt all the questions. Students should start their paper with those questions which they know perfectly. Begin with the best answer you think you know.

Take a start with those questions you think you can answer perfectly, and to the point, answers are in your mind. Don’t start with those questions that have any difficult fraction, part, or segment that you don’t understand. Begin with those questions that you think you can answer the best. If you get stuck on any answer, leave it for the time being and return to it later.

Finishing an exam rapidly or earlier than others will not give you more marks, but strategically slicing the time will benefit you. For instance, if you have two hours to answer the questions, divide the time and give a minor piece of time to short questions to have adequate time to attempt the long questions.

5. Don’t overwrite and follow the instructions 

Many students have a mindset that longer answers will score more, but it is certainly ridiculous because you get good grades when you write authentic and valid answers, not stories and extraneous explanations.

You should check out the marks of a question then answer them accordingly.

If you are being asked to write a brief answer in five to six lines. Then, don’t go for writing essays because it will only waste your precious time that you can utilize productively to write other answers. Also, don’t write less when asked to write a detailed answer. This is one of the best exam writing tips you can incorporate effectively to write answers in exam to get good marks.

6. Sketch headings and subheadings

If you want to know how to write attractive answers in exams, firstly, make a sketch of headings in your mind before writing an answer. It will help you to explain the details. Make a plan for each answer before you start writing. Underline the keywords in the question, also make sure you specify them, and then answer them one by one.

Using headings and subheadings in your answers is also a good way to write answers in exam to get good marks. 

It will give the examiner a clear and comprehensive look and leave a good impression that you have covered every aspect. You can also use subheadings to explain the key points and certainties.

7. Avoid cutting and erasing on sheet

Presentation of answers in exams is one of the most significant factors that impact your result. No matter how much you have studied and how much you understand the concept, if you don’t understand how to present your concept and write attractive answers in exams, you cannot score well. 

Therefore, your paper should be presentable, attractive, and clean. When you write answers in exam to get good marks, do not overwrite. You should not erase or cut words and sentences because it will negatively impact the teacher. It will affect the flow of your answer, so, therefore, avoid making mistakes and erasing on the answer sheet.

8. Give relevant examples

It is an important aspect to write answers in exam to get good marks is to provide relevant and useful examples. Your content looks more authentic and worth reading by giving appropriate examples and references in your answer. This helps you explain the topic conveniently and makes your paper presentable and understandable for the examiner. 

Examples can give your paper a more fascinating and understanding look and help you get good marks in exams. 

9. Enhance your vocabulary 

You have another fantastic way to write answers in exam to get good marks and make your parents proud and happy. The tip is to improve your vocabulary and choose the best words to write in exams. Improve your vocabulary and use specific words to highlight the main part of the answer.

You should integrate additional suitable words rather than your notes into your answers.

This will also be helpful for you when you are confused about a topic or have no idea what to write in your answer. You can select the best words from your vocabulary and write a smart answer. Using the appropriate words, make your answer readable.

10. Recheck your answer sheet

You should make sure that you have answered all the compulsory questions before handing out your answer sheet. If you mistakenly missed a question, you can attempt it now. This way can help you write answers in exam to get good marks.

It is necessary to recheck all your answers and look for mistakes you probably had made when you were in a hurry. Check all spelling mistakes and also check your grammar mistakes. Make sure you have used accurate tenses, and you have also given accurate answers.


Here are some frequently asked questions about how to write answers in exam to get good marks and paper attempting tips.

Q: Why do I have low marks?

There are a lot of reasons for attaining fewer marks in your exams. It might happen that you have not studied thoroughly for your exam or have not planned your studies. Maybe you have adequate knowledge but are unable to attempt the paper well. Read the ways described above to write answers in exam to get good marks.

Q: How can I study faster without forgetting?

You can study for your exams without forgetting by thoroughly focusing and understanding the concepts. Make it your habit to study regularly and with full concentration. If you want to retain something for a long time, do not multitask and concentrate on one subject. Take a short break after studying to freshen up your mind and prepare yourself to write answers in exam to get good marks.

Q: Why do I study but still fail?

One of the reasons for failing after studying hard is that it might not be your habit to study regularly. If you want to retain the knowledge and concepts for a long time:

Q: Why do I feel sleepy when studying?

You might feel sleepy because you have not taken an adequate amount of sleep at night and feel dozing and nodding off while studying. Make sure to optimize your health and take an adequate and recommended amount of sleep for seven to eight hours a day. Also, take an interest in your subject because you keep feeling bored and exhausted when you study that subject without the interest.

Final words

As a student, keep these paper-solving tips in your mind during exams. These will help you obtain good marks. Also helps you utilize your time effectively in your exam and write answers in exam to get good marks. Also, focus on how to write attractive answers in exams for scoring higher in your class.

Best of luck with your exam!

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