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How to Control your Emotions? – 6 Best Tips

Control your emotions is very important in the circumstances of life.

We are human beings. Why are we called human beings and not other beings? Because we have emotions, feelings, thinking ability, and most importantly, we have a strong mindset and intellect. Other animals also have brains, but humans are the most intelligent creatures because emotions help recognize your feelings. Emotions can be negative and positive, but we know that negative emotions are stronger than others, so they need to be controlled. 

Emotions play a role in everybody’s daily life. They are powerful, and sometimes humans let emotions control them. Why are you giving all the control your emotions? 

You should be the one, who will know How to control your emotions? You should be your boss and not them. If you want to be a mentally strong person, don’t let your feelings supervise you. Sentiments sometimes rule your body, so you have to deal with emotions.    

Emotions can make you strong if you have rule over them

control your emotions

At times, humankind may pressurize you to hide or repress your feelings. Sometimes you may feel that you cannot talk about what you are thinking inside or you get tired of life. You have to teach your wits to be stronger than your sentiments, or else you’ll lose yourselves every time. They can get in your path and make a path for you, so you have to control your emotions and feelings. 

What Is the Best Way to control your emotions?

Emotions are just like guests; they come, sit and go. But take control of them before they start controlling you.    

I am not against showing your emotions, but there is a specific time and place for it. Don’t let them dictate you and become strong to control your emotions.

Tips To Control Your Emotions

Here are some tips that you should follow when you feel a rise in your emotional stability, and when you find yourself asking questions like how to stop worrying and start living?  

  1. Clear your mind

Take a deep breath and calm yourself down, as You are your own master. Take a sip of cold fresh water and relax. Don’t worry; trust the process. You can create your own calm whenever you are feeling lost.    

  1. Gather your Thoughts

You have to collect what’s inside you. What is in your mind? How are you feeling? Does it hurt inside? Are you feeling anxious? Do you feel anger? Are you feeling lonely? Just gather what’s wrong with your mind. Why are you feeling this way? Did something unexpected happen? Or are you being ignored? Assemble yourself, once you find the reason for the sudden upsurge in your feelings. You can come up with a solution. Relax your mind and body and try to gather emotional management.     

  1. Divert your mind into something else

Whatever you are feeling, have a command of your thoughts and get yourself to do something else. Yes, a human mind is like that, and it has these types of personal qualities. It can easily change its direction when it has a lot of things to manage. I know you can divert your attention but cannot run from reality. Do not allow your sentiments to overpower your mental health. Don’t do or say anything silly that you will regret later. It will help you to control your emotion.   

  1.  Do something that makes you forget everything

You should do things that make you happy. It would be best to control your emotions if you try to make yourself forget what you are feeling. Try different things like:    

  • Talk to your best friend, your parents, siblings.   
  • Go for a walk, sit in the park. Enjoy the view. Breath in the fresh air.     
  • Go shopping. Do online shopping. You can also do window shopping.     
  • Go for your favorite things to do at home if you don’t want to leave your house. Like, cooking, painting, drawing, reading, etc.     
  • Try watching something that can lift your mood. Watch motivational movies, cartoons, or your favorite person, Or Watch comedy shows as they can lift your mood.     
  • I know you prefer talking to the ones whom you love the most whenever you are feeling down. But what to do when they are the reason behind your sadness or rage etc.? Try to think about their good traits, the love they have poured on you if they are your loved ones. Their existence can make you forget every tension in the whole universe.     
  • Listen to party music or loud music. It can excite you up.     
  1. Be brave, don’t blame yourself, and Your Life will go on

Things happen, but life goes on. You have to be brave. Don’t blame yourself or anyone for your emotions taking a whole round. Being sensitive can be one of the reasons that you are feeling this way. Be mature women or mature men, don’t let it break you, no matter how difficult the situation becomes always try to control your emotions.     

Feelings are like beaches with waves, but you can choose which one to go to and surf.     


Emotions are the things that can make you stronger and can also make you a weak person. It’s totally up to you, What you chose to become? Only you can decide about what can have a command over you, as Only you are your boss. So, Be your own master. Try to overcome your emotions. Try to become stable. You can make yourself mentally more robust. Only and only, you can help yourself in recognizing your emotions.   

Keep control of your emotions

Why are you giving all the control to your emotions? Try to control your emotions by yourself. So, choose how to be emotionally strong, independent, and brave even if hard times come; you have to make a grip on your feelings.  

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