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How to stop being toxic in a relationship? – 12 Best Ways to Stop being toxic

We have heard so many people talking about their current partners and their partners in the past. They say that their partner was a toxic person, and it is very difficult to stop being in a relationship with a toxic person. You may have been thinking that how to stop being toxic? Or what to do to overcome a toxic relationship? Or it can be thoughts like how to stop being in a toxic relationship? Some people don’t know how to stop being toxic to others, and they do not even know that they are toxic.

What is meant by a toxic person?

The word toxic can be used in many ways, and it can mean different things to different persons. If we speak about science, toxic is a term used to label those substances which can cause harm, like different poisonous and dangerous chemicals. But toxic is also a term that can be referred to define and illustrate the behavior of people that is very undelightful, unpleasant, and upsetting toward others.

how to stop being toxic

A famous American Author, Lillian Glass, used the term toxic for the first time in her book in 1995, Toxic People, and it was used to determine any relationship that is based on conflicts, or where one person is highly obsessed with others and where one person controls the other person.

A toxic person describes an extremely harsh personality, rude behavior, malicious actions, and a harmful person. This word toxic is used to states myriads of social, environmental, and mental health issues. This buzzword was used too much that in 2018 Toxic was named by the Oxford dictionaries as the “Word of the Year“.
Toxic individuals never show their negative side very early in the relationship, and they slowly take over their partner in a relationship. The phrase toxic person is often used to indicate someone who is very manipulative, narcissistic, self-centered, or a person who is very controlling and subtle needy. It is important to learn about toxicity and how to stop being toxic.

Signs of a Toxic Person

The behaviors of a toxic person are very malicious towards others, and they may show symptoms of mental health conditions such as NPD that is a narcissistic personality disorder, or any other event from the past that is traumatic or maybe a childhood deeply rooted personal incident that has left a mark on their personality. Such people have dark core personality traits.

These traits manifest as a superiority complex in them to put their dreams, interests, or goals above others while they always justify and explain their attitude to avoid backslash shame and guilt. That is why it is important to learn How to stop being toxic.

The bestselling author, Mandy Hale, said;

“Everything around a toxic person is polluted by them, so never hesitate to depollute.”

So, how will you get to know that someone around is “toxic”? And how to stop being toxic in friendship? Or how will you cope with a toxic person? Or how will you identify toxic traits in yourself?
There are numerous, and lots of signs to look out for that may signal that you are dealing with a person whose actions and behaviors are very toxic towards you and others.

  • People feel bad around them

The first sign of a toxic person is that people start feeling worse about themselves whenever they are around a toxic person because toxic people will always degrade you and their partners, making you think that you are not worth it.

  • People Avoid them

One of the most prominent signs of a toxic person is that people avoid them, and they tend to disappear out of their sight for good. People will ignore toxic persons who always make them feel useless and bad about themselves.

  • Toxic people Acts superior

Toxic people always think highly of themselves, and they think that they are superior to everyone and other people are below them. They think mighty of their worth.

  • Toxic People never Apologize

The sign that indicates that a person is toxic is that they will never apologize, and they will always try to defend their deeds. Toxic people will never feel guilty of their wrongdoings and never admit that they were wrong, but they will blame others for their actions.

  • Take Advantage of Others

Taking advantage of others’ kindness and nice attitude is the sign of a toxic person, and they never feel bad about it. They always use other people for their good and never compliment their kindness.

  • Always humiliate others

Toxic people always humiliate and insult other people to gain the attention and vote of the crowd. They always misbehave with others, and they never feel sorry for that.

  • Hold Grudges

Holding strong grudges against other people is also a sign of a toxic person. These people never forgive anyone, but they always have hatred in their hearts for others, and they take things very personally and have ego issues.

  • Hate seeing others succeed

They never celebrate the success of other people around them. They always feel conscious that other people will become successful than them, so they hate seeing the success and accomplishments of other people.

  • Never Compromise

Toxic people will never compromise with others, and they always make issues and never adjust to others’ ideas. They always want to get everything first and always want to be the center of attention.

  • Not trustworthy

Toxic people are very disloyal, and they are not trustworthy. You cannot trust them with your secret because they will never keep you safe, but they will make fun of you, and they will tell your secrets to others behind your back.

  • Play victim card

When there is a fight or argument, toxic people play the victim card, and they show that it is not their fault and everyone else is blaming them for the things they have never done or never said.

  • Pass hurtful Comments

Passing sneaky comments or aggressive statements is one of the prominent signs of toxic people; they always taunt others of their flaws and say things that hurt others around them.

  • Overly competitive

Toxic people are overly competitive, and they create drama whenever someone calls them out for their behavior. They get aggressive when someone points the finger at them, and they lie a lot.

  • Double standards

The double standards and two faces of a person indicate that they are toxic, manipulative, and controlling towards others. Their favorite topic of discussion is themselves and their qualities.

  • Ignore the feelings of people

Toxic people always ignore other people’s feelings, and they always are very mean to others. They don’t care about what others will feel because of them, and they live in their world.

How to Stop Being Toxic?

how to stop being toxic
If you think someone around you is being mean and toxic with others, or you are being toxic in a relationship, and you see toxic traits in yourself, you need to stop all of this and wonder how to stop being toxic? And how to become Un toxic? And what tips will help you overcome a toxic relationship? What is the best advice for toxic relationships to become healthy?
Here are my tips that will surely help you become Un toxic, and you will understand how to stop being toxic? And when you learn how to stop being toxic, you will indirectly learn how to mend your relationships properly.

  • Be empathetic

If you want to stop being toxic in a relationship, you need to become empathetic with others. Being empathatic makes you a pleasant and approachable person for others, and people will love talking to you.

Brené Brown, who is an American author, said that;

“When we start to share our stories with someone empathetic and understanding, then shame will not survive between us.”

When you are emphatic and care about your partner after you learn about How to stop being toxic, it will make your relationship more stable and healthier. Your partner will love spending their time with you, and they will feel happy being with you.

  • Stop being mean

To become Un toxic person in a relationship, you need to stop being mean to others because when you are rude, people will get hurt from you, and they start ignoring you.
Buddhism, which is an Indian religion, states that;

“You should be nice to people who are not very nice to you because you do not know that they need it more than others.”

It will be very helpful if you start being good with others, and your partner will feel comfortable around you as your good nature will make them feel at home if you keep their secrets safe and sound. I hope you learn how to stop being toxic after reading my article.

  • Everyone is Equal

To know more about how to stop being toxic, you need to think that everyone is equal and nobody is superior. You have to respect other people equally, and you should always make your partner believe that you both are equal in your relationship and your partner is not inferior to you.

An American feminist and women rights activist, Alice Paul, said that;

“About equality, there is nothing complicated.”

When you are sitting with your friends, you should treat all of your friends equally and not differentiate between them.

  • Accept your mistakes

how to stop being toxic
When you are at fault, then you need to accept your mistakes. It will help you become a person who accepts his mistakes and feels guilty about them.

Israelmore Ayivor, who is an inspirational writer, said that;

“The best path to self-improvement is accepting your mistakes and correcting them as soon as you can.”

The trait of a toxic person is that they will never accept that they were wrong, so you need to overcome this attitude and be accountable for your actions, speak the truth, accept or face your problems, and make sure that nobody gets hurt because of your mistakes. This characteristic will make you eager to learn How to stop being toxic

  • Listen to others without poking them

Activate your ears and always listen to others attentively; when your partner is talking to you, you should never interrupt them and let them speak.

An American politician and a lawyer, Calvin Coolidge, said;

“To become a good listener, you need to be a great man.”

You should also let them say what is in their mind and always stay alert because if you show gestures that indicate that you are not interested, it will hurt your partner’s sentiments. So, always listen to others without disturbing and poking them.

  • Forget about your ego

Forget your ego if you want to stop being toxic and mean to others. When you leave your ego aside in a relationship and work on your understanding with your partner, it will positively impact your relationship.

A professional ice hockey player, Maxime Lagacé, said that;

“To stop yourself from dissolving, you need to dissolve your ego.”

Relations work more properly and lovingly when there are no ego problems between couple and companions. So, forget about your ego and become a down-to-earth person whom everyone cherishes a lot. Also, try to quit being too self-obsessed and stop getting jealous of other people’s accomplishments.

  • Show them your vulnerability

You should show your partner your vulnerable side to help them understand you and your problems. You need to become more vulnerable for your partner to trust you and make them believe your intentions. Brené Brown said;

“The birthplace of creativity, change, and innovation is the vulnerability of a person.”

It will help you slot if you show others your emotional and dependent side because you are also a human, and you can also become sad like a normal person. Never try to hide your emotions, and always tell your partner everything if you want to stop being toxic in a relationship.

  • Think first, then act accordingly

how to stop being toxic
You should always think first before doing anything and always act according to what you feel is right for you and others. Do not say hurtful things to others before knowing the whole situation because it will hurt others, and your actions will stab your partner’s heart.
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah, who is a Ghanaian teacher and writer, said;

“When we choose to say wrong things, it means we failed to say right words, and when we fail to think of right phrases, it means we choose to say the wrong things.”

Always think about the right thing to do when doing anything if you want to stop being toxic to others.

  • Stop judging others

You need to stop judging what others are doing and saying. Minding your problems and life will help you stop yourself from being a toxic person.

Walt Whitman, an American Poet, said;

“You should not become judgmental, but you can be curious.”

If you desire to become a good person instead of a toxic one, you need to quit discussing what others are doing, and you need to start minding your own business. When you judge others, you think badly of others and become very opinionated towards others, which hurts the emotions of your partners and friends.

  • Praise and compliment others

Praising your partner for their hard work and complimenting them for all the efforts they do in their daily lives will help you become a good partner and stop being toxic to them.

Mike Dolan, An American film and theater actor, said;

“You will become wealthy if you pay with compliments.”

When you praise your partner and tell them that you are proud of them, it increases the mutual respect you have for your partner and the love between you. So, always say positive and delightful things to your friends and partners to make them smile.

  • Take a Break from the internet

You should take a little break from the internet, social media, and news to gather yourself, and you need to talk to your partner about your relationship and how it has become toxic because of you.
A toxic person always throws trash on social media, and they write mean things about people on the internet without thinking that they are destroying their image and being rude to others on the internet.

  • Shut down negative thoughts

how to stop being toxic
You should keep yourself away from negative thoughts and try to distract yourself from doing bad things that will hurt you later. Even after trying so many things to stop and quit being a toxic person does not work, you should seek help from professionals and get therapy sessions from doctors.

Lailah Gifty Akita, who is an enthusiastic writer from Africa, said;

“It is better to dwell your thoughts on beautiful things than on the negative ones.”

In order to think positively, try to meditate and try yoga to calm your negative emotions. This might help you, and you will know how to stop being toxic.

Final Wrapping

There must be some solid reason why a person has become toxic or why you are being toxic in your relationship. So, try to work on your behavior and follow my advice and tips on how to stop being toxic person. I hope you understand now that you can stop being toxic with your partner and overcome your toxicity more quickly.

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