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How to Cover your Syllabus for Exam? – 9 Best Ways

One of the biggest problem a student face in academic life is, How to cover your syllabus for exam?. Most of the students are unable to get a proper understanding during classes. They get so bothered when they have only a few days left for exams and want to utilize the fastest way to cover the syllabus.
More specifically, after suffering the lockdowns due to the pandemic of covid-19, students are enduring several problems related to their studies. They lose their confidence and spirit to study well. But do not terrify yourself.

As once Albert Einstein, said that “Everybody is a genius”.

If you are feeling difficulty in your studies and want to know how to complete syllabus in one month, a week, or some days before your exams? Then, you are at the right place. Here, I have discussed some effective study techniques that will surely help you score well in your exams. So, after reading this article, you can obtain tremendous marks in upcoming exams. What you have to do is hold on here!!

cover your syllabus for exam

Giving exams is a huge stress for students. As the time for exams gets closer, students get that much worried and anxious about their grades. If you are also getting stressed about how to cover your syllabus for exam? Then Don’t worry, you can get prepared for exams by following some simple and effective study techniques.

Once Fuad Alakbarov, who is a human rights activist and columnist, talked about exams. He said that drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol was not the biggest peer pressure as a teenager but, it came during the exams when there was complete silence and, everyone turned to page two while you were still on question number one.

As everyone is asking for how to study effectively and how to complete syllabus fast? So, I am sharing some tips and tricks one can easily adapt to study for exams and score well without wasting any time.

Ways to cover your syllabus for exam

Here are some tips that can enhance your ability to study for exams.

1. Stop creating panic

cover your syllabus for exam

Many students start panicking when they hear about the date sheet or announcement for the exams. So the foremost thing that you have to do is to stop getting panicked. Just keep yourself calm and relaxed. Because if your brain is not focused on one thing, you can never learn it. Therefore, calm yourself when you study for exams.

2. Get a mindset

To cover your syllabus for exam, You have to develop a mindset towards starting studying seriously right now. You can learn only when you have a plan in your mind, a desire to learn, and created a mindset to study for exams. Don’t run to learn more than your limits; rather, just read what your mind accepts and get along with it according to a plan and strategy. Try to make your mind understand whatever you read.

3. Be focused

Focus is the main key. Without focus, you can’t learn anything effectively. When you are studying, be away from anything that causes distraction. Keep yourself away from all the social media platforms or anything that diverts your attention. Switch off your cell phone and stay focused. In today’s digital life, the biggest distraction is a cellphone. So, therefore, be serious about your studies if you desire to score well and cover your syllabus for exam.

4. Maintain a timetable

cover your syllabus for exam

Before you study for exams, create a proper timetable. According to your subjects and course outline, manage the time for courses. It will help you to cover your syllabus for exams. Any lesson that you think needs more focus more than the rest of the subjects, you should give priority to that subject.

For instance, if you are weak in mathematics, you should give at least two hours daily to this subject. And if you are good at English, you can go through it in the gap of a day. Giving a proper schedule to your studies is the fastest way to cover the syllabus rather than procrastinating.

5. Ask a teacher for extra guidelines

You can consult your tutor to give you some extra time to cover your syllabus for exam. You can ask them to guide you about important topics. If you want to know how to complete the syllabus fast, You can ask them to tell you about their method of studying and learning when they were students. Teachers are the best guides and, you can learn from their academic experiences.

6. Divide the syllabus

cover your syllabus for exam

One of the main tricks to cover your syllabus for exam is analyzing and dividing your syllabus. You might have both theoretical topics and as well as some extra information in your textbooks. Assign priority to the topics depending upon their importance. After that, you have to focus on the important topics selected after going through the course outline. Most teachers use these highlighted topics to ask questions in exams. So, if you have prepared these well, you can conveniently pass your exam.

7. Take a break for a while

An exhausted mind can not be that productive as compared to a fresh mind. Don’t try to study for exams for more than one or two hours continuously. You can’t learn anything properly by intensifying your mind. You should relieve tension to efficiently cover your syllabus for exam. So, after every one or two hours, take a break of 10 to 20 minutes. Try to stay away from anything related to exams or studies during this break and freshen up your mind.

8. Share with your friends

cover your syllabus for exam

As information and knowledge are something that grows by sharing. You can share and discuss all the topics with your friends; it is the best and fastest way to cover the syllabus. Anything that you say grabs a corner in your mind and, you have fewer chances to forget it.

Talk, Discuss and Share every single point that you think has importance.

More than one of your senses are working when you say it loudly.

For example, you think about it in your mind, see it from your eyes, capture a picture of it in your head, listen from your ears what you speak and also hear others. Then, there are much better chances that you will not forget it and, it should be in your mind when you have to write about it in the exams. You can understand a topic in a much better way than your teachers because you are comfortable arguing with your friends. Therefore, group studies can be an effective way to cover your syllabus for exam.

9. Revise what you learn

After all the efforts to study for exams, before going to sleep, just lay on your bed and recall everything that you have learned the whole day.

An actor Sir lan McKellen, when speaking to the high school students in Somerset, England, said that;

You know what will happen if you do not properly do your revisions? The result will be: You shall not pass!.

This revision can help you a lot. By doing this, you can also have an idea of your mental sharpness to learn things. And you can also analyze that whether your efforts are obtaining any benefits or not. Then, you can much productively focus on your subjects according to your analysis. This revision helps you a lot to cover your syllabus for exam.

3 secret study tips

The Internet is filled with many learning strategies and techniques, but among all those, 3 basic and effective study techniques are the following.

  • Focus and concentration
  • Learn by heart and keep willpower
  • Practice and never give up

I have shared these effective study techniques that undoubtedly help me perform well in my exams. Hopefully, these tips will be useful for you to cover your syllabus for exam. Believe in yourself and be focused on what you do; Success will be yours!!

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