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How to cram for an exam in a week? – 9 Brilliant Tips

Every successful student follows some effective study strategies for how to cram for an exam in a week. Being a brilliant and topper student and scoring well in exams depends not only on intelligence. Except for intelligence, if you follow a proper cram study guide and maintain a proper schedule for cramming for an exam, you can score well in exams skillfully. “Exam time ” is an alarming bell for students to start taking their studies seriously and make efforts to achieve good grades.

It is wonderful to study hard for your exams and have thoroughly prepared for your exams. But what if there is only one week left in exams? How do you cover your syllabus? How to cram for an exam in a week? Or how to get enough knowledge of your subject in a week? Then remember, Roam is not built in a day and also you can not cut the whole forest in a single night. You have one week means seven days to cram for an exam or to study your notes and books.

David Bly said that, striving for success without doing hard work is like harvesting what you have not planted.

Make your mindset clear and focused on what you have to study, study and study in this week. by following secret methods for studying. All you need is to dedicate all of your focus, time, and attention to your studies and have a solid plan for how to cram the night before a test or exam. One week is not a short time; it is seven days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, and 604,800 seconds that you can effectively study for your exams and work on how to cram for an exam in a week.

If you are getting worried and stressed about your upcoming exams, take this as positive stress. Make sure not to consider the stress and concern a danger because it can demotivate you if you consider it negative.

According to an exam stress study, one hundred and three undergraduate students participated. It is concluded that comprehending the stress and anxiety as a facilitative is positively associated with students’ academic performances.

It signifies that if the students consider stress as a negative threat, it will reduce the rate of their good performance while taking the stress positively can help them score well and achieve their objectives.
How to cram for an exam in a week? Don’t worry, you can do it handily. Get yourself ready for studying smarter, not harder. Follow up on some cram study tips and ways how to cram for a test or exam?

how to cram for an exam in a week

How to cram for an exam in a week?

Last week before exams was the most stressful time for all the students to face. Here I have shared some brilliant tips on how to cram for an exam in a week and get successful.

1. Study material should be organized

A disturbed environment leads to poor concentration and disruption in studying. So, collect all the study material, including textbooks, notes, past papers, assignments, quizzes, reports, etc., and organize it properly. If your study material is unorganized, it will waste your time finding the required topic and kill the mood for studying and cramming for an exam.
Sometimes, you are short of some important notes or topics because you were absent that day or missed the class. Therefore, collaborate with your classmates and gather all the things to study.

Want to learn how to cram for an exam in a week? then, organize your study style according to the pattern of your paper. If your paper pattern is conceptual, go for the concepts only and understand the main theme. If your paper pattern has multiple-choice, long, and short questions, then keep this pattern in your mind while studying and try to get enough understanding for your exam.

2. Get away from all the distractions

How to cram for an exam in a week is not difficult if you are focused and avoid all kinds of living and nonliving distractions. Choose a place in your house where you can concentrate, and there would be no noise to disturb you. Make sure that no one will frequently come there to divert your focus. This is one of the best cram study tips that can help you cram for an exam.

If you have a cat or dog or anything as a pet, keep that away because it is also a distraction that can attract your attention.
Also, the most basic thing you need to do is to turn off your cellphone which is the worst addiction of today’s generation. Social media is the biggest distraction that makes students get away from their studies.

So, therefore, to learn how to cram for an exam or a test and bring an outclass result, make sure to avoid all the distractions.

3. Highlight the main points

how to cram for an exam in a week

Along with all the notes, books, and guides, don’t forget to keep up a pen or a highlighter with you. To cram for an exam in a week, prioritize learning the key points, formulas, statements, and laws.

Any point you consider is important, highlight it.

On exam day, you can quickly go through these highlighted points in a while. These are the basic things you must focus on while cramming for an exam. It is better to know important questions and details instead of knowing nothing.
You can ask your teacher to help you and provide you with some guidelines regarding your dissatisfaction with some topics. You can follow these instructions to choose the important topics and main points.

4. Manage your timetable

It is always better to know what you have done till now and what you have to do. You should be aware of subjects and topics before cramming for an exam. Schedule your study routine, make a proper timetable, and follow it.

Going to Learn something new? Trying to learn how to cram for an exam in a week? Then, go with a mindset, develop a memory for your exam and manage your subjects.

A good way from the cram study guide is to prioritize your subjects. If you think you are good at English, give it 40 to 50 minutes daily. While if you think you are weak at mathematics or physics, study these subjects for at least two hours daily.

Once Albert Einstein said that there lies an opportunity in the middle of every difficulty.

Managing your subjects and following a timetable would surely help you complete your exam preparation and provide assistance in cramming for an exam. Moreover, keep a realistic goal in mind that you have to cover up a certain topic at this specific time. For instance, if you decide to understand Newton’s law of motion in 20 minutes, make sure to achieve your target. This will help you to cram for the exam in a week.

5. Make a study group with friends

how to cram for an exam in a week

Studying alone? Getting scary vibes? Stressed out due to exams? Thinking about how to cram the night before a test or a week before an exam? Don’t worry. You are not alone, and every student gets worried during the terrible week of exams.

Why not join your friends? Why not give and take support of each other? Stop wasting your precious time only thinking about the exams and doing nothing. Make a study group and cram for an exam together with your friends.
It is also a good idea to cram for an exam in a week because someone might know a specific point that you are confused about. So, group up with your friends to cram for an exam. Maybe some give more logical points than you; some provide more ideas to pass the exam, or some help you quiz yourself.

Do not procrastinate; according to Charles Dickens, Procrastination is the thief of time, and my advice is never to let it to tomorrow what you can do today.

You can also teach your classmates and do a conversation on a topic that will be helpful for you as well. You can also motivate each other to study for exams instead of continuously under pressure.

6. Take regular breaks while studying

If you want to retain the knowledge in an exam and improve your retention power, then don’t study continuously for the whole day. Divide up your study routine into small breaks. For example, keep a ratio of fifty over ten, or sixty over twenty.

It implies that if you are studying for 50 minutes, take a rest break for 10 minutes and if you are continuously studying for 60 minutes, go to a break session for 20 minutes. These short breaks will freshen up your mind, and you can study more effectively for your exam.

Studying without any break, your brain gets tired and exhausted and stops taking in the information you are trying to understand.

So, one of the necessary cram study tips is to manage a short break time in your timetable.
You can do fun things, take a cup of hot milk or coffee, listen to music, scroll through social media, or do anything that can relax you.
Furthermore, do not study a single subject in one day and keep switching between the subjects for better and more effective understanding. This will help you cram for an exam in a week and keep your brain from getting tired and bored.

7. Keep yourself relaxed

how to cram for an exam in a week

It is natural to get stressed and worried during exams time, but you have to take this stress positively. You have to keep yourself relaxed. If you want to cram for an exam in a week, first, you need to calm yourself and stop creating panic.
You are not the only one giving exams and going through this pressure.

Relax, calm yourself down, and try things that can freshen up your brain and mind. You can do your favorite things, watch any movie, cook ,eat something delicious, or talk to your friend to get relaxed.

Stop being afraid of taking exams and take it as a challenge, not a threat. Try your best to focus on your studies to do cramming for an exam.
You can also look at your past achievements to motivate yourself and score well in your exams.

8. Do meditate and eat healthily

Meditation is the best strategy to calm your brain, body, and emotions and relieve tension. Take care of yourself and eat healthy while cramming for an exam.

Optimize your health to keep your mental health moderate and then effectively study for your exams.

You can memorize things better when you are eating healthy and taking enough sleep. If you are not taking an adequate amount of sleep, you keep dozing and nodding off when you cram for an exam.

9. Ask somebody to quiz you

how to cram for an exam in a week

Always take all the instructions remarkably essential because these are hidden guidelines for you. Quizzes are the best way to keep track of your efforts. When you think you have a fully prepared topic, ask a fellow student or a friend to quiz you.

Ask them to ask questions and test you to give an exam. This will surely help you get an idea of how much you have prepared till now. When you quiz yourself, you can find your mental capability of understanding concepts and your memorizing power. Having an idea of your capabilities makes it easier for you to cram for an exam in a week.

  • These are some cram study tips and ways how to cram for an exam in a week. Hopefully, you will study hard for your exam and score well. Wish you the best of luck with your exams.

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