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Best Secret Methods for Studying | 7 Proven Ways

Every student wants to know the 7 best secret methods for studying to maintain their grades and be a brilliant student at school, college, or university. To score well in exams and tests, students search a lot to find the 7 secret methods for studying. But the thing is that these secrets are not really a secret. All they have to do is focus on their studies and pass their exams. The thing that matters is how a student can study effectively? what is the best way to study at home? or how to study at home effectively? or how to study fast without forgetting?

Nowadays, a lot of things have changed. You can find so much information and knowledge with the help of the Internet.  

If you are a student and want to find the 7 secret methods for studying effectively at home, you are at the right website. First of all, everyone needs to learn and understand why it is important to study? Or why is studying a necessity now? or how to study effectively for being a successful student?

Why is it important to study?

Studying is important and the foremost thing that everyone should do if they want to increase their self-esteem, confidence, and general knowledge. The ability to learn new things is a blessing, and it is the basic need of a human to study for their future. 

The cardinal of studying is that any individual needs to learn and develop skills. Studying helps improve many things like management skills, self-discipline, and even how a person should live in this world. If you want to make your future bright, you should learn the 7 secret methods of study to become successful in the future.  

“Study hard, for the well is deep, and our brains are shallow.”

― Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor

Studying is paramount as it teaches the differences between right and wrong, fair and unfair. To develop a brilliant career, the supreme factor required for a great profession is education.  

How much does studying affect students?  

secret methods for studyingThere are uncountable good effects of studying on students like it Increases the ability to learn, memorize and practice new things.  

According to the National Survey of Students engagement, those students who studied more had inner confidence in their abilities to do well on their test. Still, they also had less tension and anxiety throughout their academic year in the school, and these students performed much better than those who studied less.  

Studying has both negative and positive effects on students, but it depends on the education system, teachers, and environment. In conclusion, it is important to find out the 7 secret methods for studying if you want to study at home effectively and you can also overcome so many college problems.

What are the 7 secret methods for studying? 

The perfect way to learn the 7 secret methods for studying is to follow the mentioned tips throughout your school year. After following the 7 secret methods for studying, you will become a successful student in your school.  

The best study tips and 7 secret methods for studying are:  

1. Organize study material and make proper notes

If you are a student and have been wondering how to study at home effectively, you need to start by learning the 7 secret methods for studying. The first secret is to organize study material and make proper notes. You can only study effectively if your study materials are organized and maintained. For this purpose, as a student, you need to make notes for each subject separately.

You should keep the materials for a single subject together because, in the end, you will have your lectures in a proper sequence, and you don’t have to change your notes continuously. All you have to do in the end is to revise your arranged notes and make your concepts clear.  

One of the study tips for students that I recommend is to keep only necessary documents and notes. It was very difficult for me to throw my documents because I could not identify which document was important and which was not. 

Keep only necessary study material with you, otherwise, you will be in a panicking situation when you see a huge pile of notes waiting for you.

I lost all of my notes once, and I was so upset because of that. To prevent that from happening, you should create a backup of your notes. In this modern era and digital world, you can make a backup of your notes on your cell phone or laptop.  

Also, read about what to say to someone when they study for exams?

2. Use Alternative books to understand the concept

secret methods for studyingThe smartest trick to study is learning the 7 secret methods for studying. The second secret is to use alternative books to understand concepts and theories. Most students only study from their books, textbooks, or their notes. But it is a better choice if you also consider any other relevant alternative book to study. If you want to improve your knowledge, then it is a good idea to use alternative materials for studying.  

According to a study from Washington University, those students who keep rereading a textbook course are unable to improve their knowledge as they are just revising what they have already known and learned. You need to study at least 2 to three relevant books to increase your ability to learn and then earn from your knowledge in the form of excellent grades.  

You can find alternative books or study material from libraries, online books, or even your class-fellows because their notes may be made differently, unlike yours. If you want to study at home effectively, you should try to understand the concepts of your lessons.

You can learn new concepts more quickly if you use your willpower and mental associations. Firstly, you need to understand the text and then translate a smaller part of the lesson to understand what it means.  

3. Always study in short bursts of time

Sometimes students tend to study continuously for hours and hours. They consider that this practice of studying for a lot of time without taking breaks is helping them in learning new knowledge, but they are completely wrong. Studying without taking breaks is not a good thing as the human brain needs a break to digest the knowledge.  

Experts at the University of Louisiana State Center suggested that it is better to dedicate 30 to 60 minutes to learn a new concept and information. It is one of the 7 secret methods for studying that you should take breaks whole studying and always study in short intervals of time. This is one of the scientifically proven study methods.  

Ellen Dunn, a graduate assistant in learning strategies, wrote that anytime dedicated to studying a new concept that is less than 30 minutes is less and not enough. And more than 50 minutes is too excessive and too much knowledge for a human brain to consume at a single time. And once you are done learning new material, you should always take a break of 10 to 20 minutes before your start learning any other new concept. 

According to a course mentor at Western Governors University, Neil Star: It is much better to study in short, brief, and frequent studying sessions than long, excessive, and infrequent sessions.  

When the brain consumes an excessive amount of data and information, it drains the body of students, and they feel low as their energy drops. To overcome tension, stress, low energy levels, and tiredness try to follow my secret methods for studying

4. Make a study timetable and follow it daily

One of the most effective study tips for students is making a study timetable to help them manage their time and courses. Those students who follow a study timetable are always motivated and never late in preparing for exams. This is one of the 7 secret methods for studying if you want to be an excellent student academically.

The best way to make a timetable is to think and brainstorm about your priority subject and which subject you are weak in.  

Then, try to think of other activities, quizzes, or cram tests and make a monthly plan. After that, you need to think about your optimal times to study the best. You need to consider if you are a morning person or a night person? Can you stay awake till late at night? Or can you wake up early in the morning?  

These little questions need to be answered first while making a study timetable. You can make your study timetable on paper, cardboard, or even in a digital format like a spreadsheet or Microsoft excel. After making a perfect timetable, you have to follow it appropriately as it is one of the 7 secret methods for studying This would surely help you with how to cram for an exam in a week fastly.

5. Steer clear of distractions to focus on studying

secret methods for studyingThe next tip from the 7 secret methods for studying is staying away from all the things that disturb you and clearing all the distractions to study effectively at home. Suppose someone sends you a text message, it can change your focus from studying to replying to the text.  

That is why it is better to turn off your phone while studying to maintain your concentration. Social media is also one of the biggest distractions for students while studying. Excessive use of social media is very addictive, and it is a waste of your valuable time.  

It is better to delete all the social media apps for the time being when you are studying for your exams at home and start cramming for your exams. Do not pick up any calls and always keep your phone on silent mode. One of the 7 secret methods for studying is that you should make yourself a study area. Try to make your study area quiet, comfortable and simple. Take control of your life and do not let anything distract you.

If you are studying online, you should avoid opening new tabs on the internet because you never know when you will start wasting your time watching random things on the internet.  

6. Be a smart student and utilize your day effectively

As a student, you need to change your studying tactic from hard to smart. It is one of the coolest 7 secret methods for studying as students tend to work smartly to utilize less of there and want to consume more knowledge in less time. You need to make some amazing notes and then revise them regularly to be a smart student.

Try to read at least one blog from the internet related to your course, which will help you stay up to date and improve your vocabulary.  

One of the smartest ways to study is through group discussion. As we always remember everything from an argument. You should also make little sticky notes that will help you remember the important part of the text. You will understand concepts easily if you try to connect the text with the existing information that you already know. Then by linking both the knowledge together, you can make some brilliant notes for yourself.  

Determination, discipline, and consistency in studying are very important if you want to become an intelligent student. Try to get engaged in class or group discussion, and it also improves your communication skills and will help you express your concepts. There are so many great benefits of communication skills for students that they need to understand to master the 7 secret methods for studying 

7. Make goals and take your quizzes

secret methods for studyingIt is an essential factor from the 7 secret methods for studying that you should set some good study goals that will help you achieve good scores in exams and quizzes. Making goals helps you cover your syllabus for exams before the deadlines, and many burdens are removed from your mind and shoulders. It is convenient to set your goals specifically, which are easy to obtain.   

While making goals for studying, you should make your goals realistic and attainable. After setting goals for yourself, you should keep track of them and try to achieve them as much as possible. After every week, recheck your goals and see if your goals are improving your learning ability or not.  

Setting goals for studying boosts your self-confidence and motivates you to study more. Procrastination reduces because you will be active and motivated. Also, formulate several quizzes after accomplishing every goal as an assessment. This will help you calculate how much you have learned and how much your goals have positively affected your study routine? Follow my secret methods for studying and become an excellent student.

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I have mentioned some most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on different research engines, and I have given the answers as well. I hope this will help you a lot.

Q: What is the best study method?

The best study method is understanding the concept and then writing it in your own words. And the other best study method is studying only one subject at one time and avoiding multitasking. Try to take short breaks as well to give your mind some inner peace.  

Q: How do topper’s study?

There is no specific method that toppers follow, but they revise their work regularly. Topper studies daily, and most of them make goals for themselves. Toppers mostly follow all 7 secret methods for studying.  

Q: How do you study properly?  

The proper way to study is to attend the classes attentively and make your notes. You can study properly if you have all the study materials with you and you have a proper study area where you can sit and study in peace. Try to follow secret methods for studying if you want to be a brilliant student.

Q: How do you force yourself to study?

You cannot force yourself to study. But you need to stop being lazy and avoid procrastination, because of which you keep running away from studying.  

Q: How do I study smart?

The only way to study smarter is never to miss your classes, ask questions in class, get engaged in group discussion, clear your concepts and use the internet as an alternative textbook. Try to follow my secret methods for studying and it is a good thing to teach others, and you will automatically memorize your lessons.  

Q: How to study and remember?

The best tip to study and remember what you have learned is to make some key points and try to make as many headings as possible. This will help you remember the main and important part of the lecture.  


The 7 secret methods for studying and all of the study tips that I have articulated above will surely help you learn and get good grades in your exams. I hope these 7 secret methods for studying are helpful for you and you get motivated after following my study tips.  

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