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How to overcome 8 college problem in student life? – Best Solutions

Are you a student of a school or college? Are you facing a college problem? Did your college problem affect you mentally, emotionally, or physically? What type of problems in college students face? What are the ways to overcome college problem?
Living your life during the education period is very difficult. Not for everyone, but it is hard. School-going students face many issues, from managing their time to covering their syllabus, but when you go to college, you face many cruel problems and student issues.

An American author and YouTube content creator, John Green, said that:
“Many people graduate from college every year. And if they can graduate, so you can also.”

College problem are very stressful, and they may cause many issues in the lives of students. Not everyone is financially independent; not every student is a genius, not every student Is happy. Similarly, socializing skills of all students are not the same, and a lot of students face different types of college problem.

Ways to overcome college problem

College-going students face many problems, and this college problem should be taken into control. There are many kinds of vulnerable students who face a lot of college problem. So, I am sharing with you some college problems and ways to overcome college problem.

college problem

First Problem
Choosing A Profession & Major:

The first college problem that students face is choosing a major for their future and selecting a profession. After graduating high school, many students don’t know their interests, and they are still confused about their dream. College students struggle in choosing their subjects, and also, they face many problems in deciding a college to study in due to a lack of proper education in this matter and career guidance.

Students need to learn how to study smart if they want to become successful in the future.


This college problem can be solved by proper guidance from teachers and parents. Many students do not know that many fields have scope in this new generation. A lot of students get confused about what to choose as their Major.

Making the right choice is not the main thing, but making a choice and then proving it right is basic.

The famous singer, songwriter, and author, Auliq Ice said that;
“You will only be right with the decisions you make, only when you know what your ideas, interests, thoughts, and desires are.”

So, while choosing a major, students should consider their interests and skills. They should take notes of their fondness and passion too. It will make choosing a profession easier for them.

Second Problem
Financial Crisis:

The second college problem that students face is the financial crisis. College students struggle to meet their financial need. They go through many difficulties in managing their expenses. Most students don’t have enough money to pay their dues and buy new books or stationaries of their needs. This is the biggest college problem that students face as they are not financially independent or don’t have any resources. They find it hard to pay their tuition fees on time.

college problem


Students who face these financial crises in college can prevent this college students’ issue by applying for scholarships and funds.
They can find some part-time jobs so that you can support yourself financially. They can find second-hand books to save money.

The American Radio show host and author, David Lawrence Ramsey, said that;
“You should not only think about saving, but it should be your priority to pay for yourself first.”

Part-time jobs can make this college problem not a big deal for you. Students can pay their tuition fee with their pay from these jobs, and also these jobs are adding experience in their resumes and CVs if their job is related to their subject.

Third Problem
Hostel Issues:

Another big college problem that college students face is hostel issues as their charges are very high, and students cannot afford them. Finding good and reasonable accommodation for themselves is very difficult for them. Even if many students find a place to live for themselves, they face many problems. They face issues with their roommates as they don’t know them and also face unhealthy food problems.

Living with a stranger is a very horrifying type of experience for them because they had never left their home for once in their whole life. College students struggle to find a room near their college or university because they want to save their money for traveling and their time.


To solve this college problem, college students need to select a college by keeping hostel or accommodation issues in their mind. After this, they should first talk to their professors or seniors living in hostels because they can guide them to the best and most reasonable places. Also, you can find your classmates who are willing to share their rooms with you.

And your class-fellows are the best choice for a roommate because you can communicate with each other well and share your thoughts and your subjects. Having a class fellow as your roommate is very comfortable because you both will have the same schedule and study combined.

Fourth Problem
Time Management Issues:

college problem

The difficulty of managing time is one of the prominent problems in college that students face. When it comes to managing their time, college students are not capable. They cannot manage their time as we all know that they have to reach their college in time and then they have to attend their lectures properly. College students need to prepare for exams and have to manage to schedule their studying timetables. Managing time is a tough college problem for those students who have a bad habit of sleeping late at night.


Bad time management skills are one of the college students’ issues that need to be sorted out. College students need to learn time management skills to maintain their time and also save time. They need to learn the most essential skills for the workplace in order to learn skills.

Frank Knight, who was an American economist, said that;
“Never waste your any time, which you can use in sleeping.”

They need to work on their sleeping habits first if they don’t want to get late in the morning. Students need to wake up early, and they can use an alarm clock for that purpose. Also, they should study daily to complete their syllabus, learn the daily topic on time, and always make a revision plan to solve this college problem. Students should stop procrastinating their assignments and complete their presentations on time.

Fifth Problem
Syllabus Issues:

Completing their syllabus on time is one of the college students’ issues and concerns.  Learn How to cover your syllabus for exam?

Many students face difficulties in accepting the change of environment because when students shift from school to a college or university, all of a sudden, everything changes.

Their teachers are now different, and they have new class fellows now, and they don’t know any of them personally. College students face this problem when they cannot understand the lectures properly, and ultimately, they lose in the race of studying. Indolent students face this college problem because they procrastinate their studying on time, and then, in the end, they face issues in covering their whole syllabus.

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To overcome this college problem students, need to study daily. Students need to make a study plan at the start of college without wasting their valuable time. Planning even before exams will help them a lot, and by doing this, a lot of burden from their shoulders will be off. In this way, they will know which subjects they are best at and in which subjects they need tutors or helpers. They should also plan their study timetable because it will help them cover the syllabus for exams.

Sixth Problem
Mental health & burden:

Many college students face mental health issues because they get so much burden from college and even their parents. Students have depression, and it is a very common college problem because every one of five students is depressed. Some students get stressed because of exam pressure, and they may get general anxiety due to this pressure on them. Some students suffer from perfectionism which is not possible, and due to this, they face a lack of their motivation. Students get hopeless after failing in any exam or quiz.

college problem

The biggest problem is that some students get into some dirty friendships, which leads them to addiction to substances like cigarettes or powder drugs, which destroys their mental and physical health slowly and steadily.


Students need to solve this college problem when they feel that their mental health is destroying their confidence and their motivation decreases daily. Students should talk about their mental health with their parents or with their friends. This will help them open up their heart. Those students who suffer from perfectionism need to learn that it is okay and not a big deal if they get low marks or if their assignments are not that good.

Students should learn and take therapy sessions on how to detox your mind from negativity.

The American Author and podcast host, Casandra Brené Brown, said that:
“The self-destructive and very addictive belief system is perfectionism that makes people think that; If I look good and things that I do are perfect, then I can stay away from feelings of shame, and I can avoid judgment and blame.”

Students who get exam pressure need to lower their stress by communicating with others. Those students who get addicted to substances should talk about it, and then they can try some therapies or even go to a rehab center.

Seventh Problem

Bullying is also another college problem that many students face. Students get bullied by their seniors many times because they are chubby or they have a swarthy complexion. Bullies call them a lot of names which hurts the sentiments of students. Some students start raging and teasing their juniors so much that they lose interest in going to college.

college problem

Many students face physical assault, emotional dependency, sexual assault, or even conflict with other people, leading to big fights among students. The abuse from bullying leaves a very bad trauma on their heart, and students start getting suicidal thoughts. Suicides among students are also very common, and the reasons are exam pressure, family pressure, bullying, or body shaming.


This college problem needs to be solved first because this is affecting students’ mental health, and they are getting suicidal thoughts, and sometimes they face identity crises as well.

Tylor Swift, who is an American singer and songwriter, said about bullying:
“Be yourself even more if they don’t like you or hate you for being yourself.”

Students who get bullied by others need to complain about it to their teachers or their principal. In this way, their teachers will take action against the bullies, and those abused will get peace. Students need to be brave to stand up for their rights, and also, they should have the strength to complain about the assault they had faced. There are special laws for bullying and abuse, and bullies will get punished.

Eighth Problem
Socializing Issues:

Students who are shy or introverted face socializing issues in college. Interaction issues facing college students have very low self-esteem, and they have low confidence.

Some students suffer from assertiveness in their emotions and loneliness, and they get social anxiety because of their bad social skills.

college problem

These types of students are very shy, and they hide from talking before any audience, and they get overwhelmed when someone approaches them for a little chit-chat. Less interactive students face this college problem as they fear many things, and due to their bad communication skills, they cannot make any friends in their new environment. It is difficult for introverted students to form new relationships.


To solve socializing issues, students need to believe in themselves and push their self-esteem to get confident enough to talk and make friends. Students can try to solve this problem by starting to work on their communication skills, learning what are effective communication skills and then by trying to talk with others. This college problem is important, and it needs to be solved first. Students should start building up their confidence, learning to boost your self-confidence in public speaking and become bold. They need to start making friends by trusting others to overcome their loneliness and they need to improve social interactions and socialize.

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Ending Words

If you are a college student and suffer from the above college problem, I hope you get enough strength to deal with them. If it is a very big burden for you, I suggest that you open up about your college problem and let everyone know what you are going through. I wish you to be happy and I know you can do it.

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