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How to study smart? – 12 best tips on How to study smart

Have you ever felt that your study habits aren’t enough? Do you want to learn how to study smart? Are you wondering what you can do to do better in your class or exam? Many students find that high school study habits are not very effective in college. This is understandable because college is very different from high school and it has different college problems. Professors are less personally involved, classes are larger, exams are more valuable, reading is more focused, and classes are much more rigorous.

That doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. You only need to learn how to study smart. That means you need to learn some more effective learning skills. Fortunately, many active and efficient learning strategies have proven effective in college classrooms.

It is just like How did you learn to ride a bicycle? Perhaps someone gave you a few hours of lessons and then you practiced a lot of cycling. You can learn how to study smart in the same way. No one is born knowing how to learn. You need to learn some learning skills and then practice them. Why you should work on learning skills? It helps you study in class and do well, especially when you move to middle school and high school.

12 Best Tips on How to study smart

You can avoid the high functioning anxiety, stress, and temptation that comes with writing exams by actively learning how to study smart, developing effective study skills, and studying strategies. Mastering effective study techniques and learning how to study smart will help you achieve your academic goals whether you are in high school or college. Here I am sharing the 12 best tips on how to study smart.

How to study smart

1. Use a variety of books

Many students want to learn how to study smart because of the competition in class and shortage of time. Every student wants to study effectively and learn the 7 secret methods for studying. students should use a variety of books while studying for exams.

According to research by Willis J in 2007, it was shown that various kinds of media can stimulate various and different parts of the brain. When more areas of the brain are activated, you may learn and retain more information than usual

Searching for the related information will help them in learning faster as they will have various interpretations and examples of the same topic. Those kids in school learn the same topic and information from a variety of books.

2. Learn through google

The best study tip is to learn how to study smart as it will help students to become successful. Students need to learn to study smarter not harder in this modern time of social media and the internet. They need to start learning from google as it has all the information related to everything.

A former English teacher, Terry Heik from Kentucky got surprised when he saw his students in eighth and ninth grades searching terms on google and he realized that now millions of tons of knowledge is at our fingertips.

Searching related content on google to gain knowledge is indeed a very smart idea. Learning from Google will affect students very positively.

3. Watch related YouTube videos

If you are a student and you to know what is the best way to cover your syllabus for exams if you want to score well. The best way to score well in exams is to know how to study smart as students have so many things to learn at the same time and they cannot get tuition for every subject because of a shortage of time. They should watch related YouTube videos on their subject and learn through virtual teachers. Videos play a very smart role in learning and it is a significant part of the higher education system.

Many meta-analyses have proven that technology can enhance learning and several studies have unexplained that video Is an effective educational tool.

Those students who use YouTube to study have a higher level of general knowledge than other kids in their class.

4. Study multiple subjects rather than just one

Multitasking is not always considered a good thing when it comes to students but it is a great idea to study different subjects in a day rather than just focusing on one subject. When you keep studying the same subject it makes you feel bored and exhausted because you get irritated by the subject. That’s why it is better to study two to three subjects in a single day by dividing your total time.

How to study smart

A study (Rohrer.2012) proved that it is more effective and beneficial to study different subjects every day to keep yourself focused rather than deep diving into only one subject.

So, the smartest tip on how to study smart is to study multiple subjects in a single day.

5. Make your handwritten notes

During the time of exams, students can get stressed because of the loads of books and journals they had to follow. So, the brilliant tip on how to study smart is that they should make their notes and write everything in an easy format.

Scientists have proved this research that it is better to make notes by hand than on laptops because on laptops there are more chances of online distractions. And learning on laptops is less efficient and effective. (Mueller. 2013)

How to study smart

Students who make their notes know how to write answers in the exams to get good marks. A good student knows how to make your assignment look attractive and clean.

6. Takes your tests

Many students want to know how much they have learned after a studying session. A great tip on how to study smart is testing yourself after studying. Those students who self-test have more learning skills than others.
Many pieces of research have shown that self-testing is vital if a student wants to improve their performance in school.

In an experiment, a psychologist Keith Lyle from the University of Louisville taught some lessons in statistics to two groups of students. He told the first group to give a quiz of 4 to 7 questions at the end of every lecture. And to the second group, he didn’t give any quizzes. The results showed that the first group performed outstandingly in the midterm exams while the second didn’t.

So, it is a great idea to take your tests after every studying session and it will also make you learn how to cram for an exam in a week.

7. Try to make your concepts clear

A smart student always makes his concepts clear while studying. It is the best and most clever tip on how to study smart. Instead of memorizing every word of the lecture, if students learn their lessons with concepts and know the meaning of everything, they are learning they will indeed become very brilliant students.

How to study smart

Clearing concepts means removing all the confusion from the mind. Students who learn their lessons with concepts know how to study fast without forgetting and they know how to clear their minds from any confusion.

8. Read loudly when you are memorizing

It is said that when you are reading loudly, almost three of your human senses are focusing. You are seeing what you are reading, you are listening to what you are saying and you have heard every sentence of your lesson.
If you want to learn how to study smart, you need to read loudly when you are studying as this will help you in remembering things without forgetting them. This will also boost your self-confidence in public speaking as a student and your self-esteem will increase positively.

Students who know that they are right and have confident body language are considered to have more emotional intelligence than other students.

9. Remove all the distractions

If you want to learn how to study smart you need to know effective ways to study. The best tip to improve focus and concentration is to remove all the distractions that may distract you from studying and you may lose your concentration. Turning off all the digital distractions will help you to focus on studying and you will learn more in that time.

How to study smart

You can turn off your mobile phone and even delete some social media apps for a small period and after exams, you can always reinstall them. The best student knows how to socially interact and socialize with others and he knows what are effective communication skills. He has good listening skills as well which makes him a prominent and amazing student.

10. Use the SQ3R method to study smartly

Students who want to learn how to study smart should use the SQ3R method to study efficiently and smartly.

The method SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. It is a method that was designed to enhance the skills of students. It is based on the processing theory of learning and information. It was invented by a pioneer in literacy, Francis Robinson in 1941.

In the survey, students scan the test and make notes of heading, graphs, or other prominent things. After the survey, the next step is a question, students should write and ask questions about what they just have surveyed and what they want to know more about that.

After that, they should read the text carefully by keeping their questions in mind. Then recite it in your vocabulary as it will help students to improve vocabulary. The last step is to review everything you have learned and now try answering the questions.

This method will make students focus on the important information and they will learn more than the usual method.

11. Make a study plan and follow it

Students need to divide their study time, take their quizzes, and practice other good skills if they want to learn how to study smart. But many don’t do these things. In many cases, they cannot plan. Also, try to stick to the routine.

“If you have a research plan, stick to it!” McDaniel said. Recently, he and Gilles Einstein, a psychologist at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, investigated why students do not use good learning skills. Many students know what these skills are, they report. But in many cases, they don’t plan when to put them into action. Something more attractive can come out of it, even when the student makes a plan. It is said that study must be prioritized. The team published a report on Psychology Perspectives on July 23.

Decide when and where to study and learn. It may seem strange at first. Take a short break. Set the timer to about 25 minutes. During this time, study without distraction. When the timer expires, take a 5- or 10-minute break or exercise. Take a look at your phone or maybe drink water-anything. Then reset the timer.

12. Eat and drink well to maintain your health

You should eat, exercise, and drink well if you want to learn how to study smart. You people probably think that they drink enough water, but studies show that up to 75% of people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is bad for your brain-and so is bad for your exam results.

Researchers at the University of East London have found that dehydration reduces the overall mental capacity of the brain (Edmonds, C. 2013). Eat blueberries, chicken, and eggs to increase your memory and learning skills.

Optimize physical health by exercising as is good for your body. It’s also very good for your brain. Various studies have shown that it Improves your memory, improves your brain functions, reduces the incidence of depression, helps prevent diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, improves your sleep quality, and reduces stress to make you feel better and you learn the habits of happiness naturally. You stop overthinking and find inner peace in exercise.


If you want to learn how to study smart then You’ve come to the perfect and right site. Here I am sharing some most searched questions which will help you in understanding the importance of studying.

Q: How do you study Smart in high school?

Take notes of everything in class and record your lectures. It helps you in saving time and improving your high school learning skills. When you take notes, the material is processed the first time you hear it, making it easier to remember. There are many good activities for us, but we often avoid them for some reason. Whether it’s exercising, doing chores, studying, or whatever you feel, it’s a good idea to schedule and keep it.

Q: What is the best method to study?

You can study effectively when your mind is clear about what you are going to study. Create a proper timetable, organize your study material, and remove all the distractions to focus on a certain topic. Do not depend on others to teach you, take proper classes, attend all the lectures, and make well-organized notes. When you have everything arranged and organized, you can study smartly.

Q: How can I study smart every day?

You can study smartly daily by attending the classes regularly and listening to your teacher carefully. pay attention in class and make queries if you are stuck at some point. regularly prepare your notes and revise them daily. In this way, you can study in a smart way.


It is easy to learn how to study smart if you are willing and paying attention to it.  Focus on your work and motivate yourself to study and get good marks in exams. Hopefully, the above-mentioned ways will help you learn more effectively and study smartly.

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