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How To Become a Smart Student in School? | 10 Best Tips

Students’ lives revolve around how well they perform in their academics and how good or bad are they doing in their respective schools, colleges, and universities? Or what makes a student successful? Every student wants to learn how to become a successful student in academics, or how to become a brilliant student in academic life? How to become a smart student in school? How to study smart?  

For that purpose, students need to know the qualities of a successful student and they need to learn how to become one.  

The Struggles of Students

When the education system has become very digitalized and modernized, it has become very difficult for students to learn easily. They face a lot of struggles, hardships, and college problems because they don’t know how to become a smart student in school. But the hardships they are facing today are developing strengths in them for the future, and they will become victorious one day if they follow the right path.  

Once Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, who was a German philosopher, said, “A Pupil repays his teacher’s efforts very poorly if he remains a student after all that learning and masters nothing.”  

Students deserve to overcome all the uneasy days and become smart.  

What Makes a Student Smart?

Many amazing qualities make a student smart. Students need proper education about managing skills, communication skills, and learning skills. Many bits of advice for students to become smart and wise in educational, personal, and professional life are circulating on the internet. In my article, I have perfectly curated some of the best tips that will help students to learn how to become a smart student in school.  

Every student wants to score the highest and become the smartest pupil in their class which can only be achieved by maintaining all the good habits, working and studying smartly with passion and enthusiasm. You can also learn more about the 7 secret methods for studying.  

10 Ways on How to Become a Smart Student in School

How to become a smart student in school

The factors and amazing habits that make a student learn how to become a smart student in school are not very difficult to follow. Here are the 10 best ways that will make it easier for every student to learn how to become a smart student in school.  

1. Be Punctual and Make Your Studies A Priority

The first habit of smart students is that they are very punctual. They attend their lectures and classes on time and never get late. Smart students are always on time, and their priority is their education and studies. They can leave everything behind when it comes to their academics.  

Even if it is a friend meet-up plan, a family party, or a close relative’s wedding, their priority is studying and doing well in their school. This is the best quality a student can have, and being punctual will make students successful initially. This quality teaches the students how to become a smart student in school.  

Suppose there are two students; one student is very punctual, attends all the classes, never disobeys, and never procrastinates. The other student is always late, never attends lectures on time, always disrespects others, and always puts today’s work on tomorrow. As a result, the first student will succeed in exams while the other one will fail. As a student, you always need to learn smart ways about how to cram for an exam in a week.  

2. Stay Focused, Pay Attention, and Avoid Distractions

To become a successful and smart student, one needs to stay focused on lectures and avoid focusing on surroundings. The biggest factor to master how to become a smart student in school is being able to avoid all the distractions. These distractions can be your cell phone, social media, or sometimes your friends or class fellows.  

Once, the famous Brazilian novelist Paolo Coelho de Souza said; “If you want to achieve something; you need to keep your eyes open and focus all your concentration on your goal. Nobody can complete their targets if their eyes are closed.”  

You need to concentrate and focus on your studies as this is your golden period to work hard. Assimilating how to improve focus and concentration and then comprehending how to study with full concentration makes it a lot smoother for you to become a smart student.  

So, try to leave every activity that makes you lose focus and distract you from your studies. In this natural way, you will attain your main focus only on your lectures.  

3. Ask Questions to Participate and Take Notes

How to become a smart student in school

When you feel that you do not understand the lecture completely, do not hesitate to ask questions from your teachers. Asking questions will help you gain confidence and also help you in learning good communication skills. It is important to learn what are effective communication skills. You will also participate in lectures in this way and learn how to become a smart student in school.  

Catherine Pulsifer, an author, said; “Due to fear or shame, you should not stop asking questions when you don’t understand a point and should not pretend to know as it is not a clever thing to do.”  

If you feel shy in asking questions, you will automatically remain behind other brilliant students as their speaking skills will overshadow your confusion. Writing lectures in your notepad will also help you make notes. After that, you will have your little journal of main key points. Following this habit will teach you how to become a smart student in school, and you will learn all the basic learning and writing skills.  

4. Do Not Multitask and Take It Easy

Never try to multitask while studying because it will only make you feel that there is a burden on you because you will then try to procrastinate things in this way. You should take your studies easy and never try to learn two topics simultaneously because, in the end, you will only remember some patches and not the whole lesson.  

Take your studies easy but never become carefree. You should divide your lessons into parts and then try to memorize those parts one by one. Multitasking is not always good for you, and you should focus on becoming productive rather than making yourself busy.  

Steve Uzzell, who is an acclaimed speaker, award-winning photographer, and author, said; “Multitasking is the opportunity of ruining more than one thing at once.”  

Following this habit will make you learn how to become a smart student in school, and you will also learn to work efficiently.  

5. Remember to Have Fun & Have A Positive Mindset

You should always remember one thing in your life: Never take things very seriously and stay chill. Everything happens for a reason, and every fall teaches you a lesson so, learn from your failures and become a successful student.  

Roy T. Bennett said that; “You should shift your focus and energy on what you can do and stop worrying about what is not in your control.”  

Smart students maintain a very positive mindset and do not overstress and frustrate themselves under the extreme pressure of our society and fear of failure. You should always remember to enjoy little things and show a positive mindset. Having a positive mindset makes you feel energetic and, as the result, you learn how to become a smart student in school.  

6. Use Technology for Your Advantage

How to become a smart student in school

Some of the qualities of smart students also contain a very useful utilization of technologies and the internet. You should use technology to take advantage of it. Technology will help you gather all the useful information about your lesson, and it will also increase your general knowledge if you use it for good purposes. There is a saying that you should always work smarter rather than harder. Live by this quote and you will see yourself evolving in academics and learning how to become a smart student in school.  

David Warlick is an early adopter and promoter of technology in the classroom, said that; “We need to have technology in the hands of every teacher and student, and in every classroom, as it is just like pen and paper of our modern time and it is the lens and eyes through which we have to see and experience so many things of our world.”  

The top students’ secrets contain technology as much as you can for your advantage and interest. It will help you know about new research and learn so much about this digital era via technology.  

7. Create A Study Plan and Have an Agenda

Creating a great study plan is one of the most necessary qualities of a smart student because they know very well how to manage their time and utilize their resources efficiently and significantly. The behaviors of smart students contain the habit of time management and planning skills. Planning skill is what makes a student smart, and it is the top students’ secret to schedule a plan and then follow it.  

Benjamin Franklin, who was an American writer, said about planning; “If you are failing to prepare and plan, then you are indirectly preparing to fail.”  

My advice for students who want to master how to become a smart student in school is to learn to plan their study schedule and start working on making incremental progress in their studies. It is important to learn planning skills because it will help you how to cover your syllabus for exam.  

8. Get A Study Buddy or Study Group

How to become a smart student in school

Developing positive relationships with your class-fellows and batch mates is one of the best ways to rock in your studies. It would be a great idea to find a studying method that is suitable for your learning style. You need to pick the best study environment, and you should surround yourself with the right people.  

It will help you a lot if you could find a study buddy or create a study group. It is one of the most creative ways to ensure that you have learned the concept of every point and fact of your lesson.  

It is possible to learn faster than others if you are in a highly motivated group of students, as it will make the path of how to become a smart student in school, easy for you. You need to sit closer to your teacher and at the front of the class to stay active and alert. If you struggle to understand a point, you should also ask for help from your study buddy or your teachers.  

9. Take Breaks to Eat, Rest, and Sleep Well

Learning how to become a smart student in school does not mean that you have to burden yourself under the pressure of an extreme workload. You should take small breaks from your hectic academic schedule to eat, relax, and complete your sleep. It is said that the best therapy any person can do is to take a break from their busy routine.   

Robert Tew quoted that; “Sometimes you need to take a small break and spend your time alone and stay away from everyone to experience the feelings of believing in yourself, appreciation for your hard work, and love yourself.”  

To become a successful and smart student, you need to eat good and healthy food to maintain your health, and you need to rest and sleep well.  

10. Get A Part-time Job

If you want to learn how to become a smart student in school, you need to get a part-time job to learn your professional skills well. After student life, when your professional life starts, everyone demands an experienced employee, so for that reason, you should try to work part-time. You will also learn the most in-demand soft skills in the workplace.  

Aldous Huxley, An English writer, and philosopher said about experience; “Experience is not a thing that happens to a person, but it is basically what a person does with what happens to him.”  

Working part-time, which is related to your subject, will truly give a very bright and positive impact on your studies. Remember that if you have a part-time job, it is better than having no job at all. You should also try to get involved in extracurricular activities to enhance your conversation and sports skills. In this way, you will master how to become a smart student in school as well as how to become a smart employee.  


I am answering some of the most frequently asked questions from google related to how to become a smart student in school and how to study smart.  

Q: What is a smart student?  

Smart students pay full attention during class. They pay close attention to what the teacher teaches. Attentive students will do better than non-attentive students. When you are clean and tidy, you look brighter and have a clear mind ready to capture more knowledge.   

Q: How can I become a good smart student?  

Smart learners have a habit of asking their elders for help when they need it, which makes them able to learn more efficiently. Most people call this behavior the idea of growth. Many students want to learn How to become a smart student in school. One of the best and most effective ways to increase academic success is organization.

Many learners are most often behind in school due to a lack of organization and structure in their school schedule. To become an excellent and smart student, you must develop and nurture your growth mindset. Your academic ability and life skills are never static and not predetermined. You can improve these skills over time through your smart as well as hard work and dedication.   

Q: How can I learn 10x faster?  

Many pupils want to become smart and for that, they need to master how to study fast without forgetting. You can learn 10x faster if instead of studying the entire paragraph, underline the points and nouns to remember them. A good mood helps you learn quickly without forgetting.

If you study with a positive attitude and motivation, it is more likely that you will not forget the contents of the exam. Sleep is a valuable and important aspect that affects your memory. Pay attention to your sleep and get at least the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each day if you want to become a fast learner.  

Q: How can I focus on studying?  

You can focus on studying by setting goals that you’re trying to reach at the end of each week. If you study from home, make sure that your room or study place is tidy and your desk is clean. As it is said, a clean room creates space for a clear head only. It’s easier to get distracted by social media these days.

It’s impossible to ignore the fascinating call, Snapchat, or Instagram notifications, as your phone is humming in your pocket. Try to remove all the distractions around you if you want to focus on studying. By doing these things you will also learn how to become a smart student in school.  

Last Words  

I have mentioned all the necessary tips that will help you in learning how to become a smart student in school. It will help you a lot in becoming a smart student, and I wish you the best of luck and hope that you achieve your goals and complete your dreams.

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