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How to get over the Fear of Height Climbing? – 9 Best Tips to fight your fear of heights

Fear is a phase that tends to make anyone senseless and subconscious about everything in the surroundings. One of the types of fear is fear of heights climbing which is quite normal, and a healthy, stable, and normalized person can go through this. This fear can be as tiny as standing at a table and feeling stunned by looking down to mountaineering fear of heights climbing.

Many humans luckily do not have any frightening feelings from height. But some people have fear of heights climbing in the beginning but unhurriedly with time and practice, they make themselves courageous and adventurous.

You can learn here how to remove fear from your mind and heart.

The fear of heights called Acrophobia is correlated robustly with the fear of falling from height called Basophobia.

The thought of getting your body being dropped sharply from a considerable height can undoubtedly develop an intense fear of height climbing. If you want to know how to overcome the fear of heights, there is a need to overcome Basophobia first.

If you are an acrophobic person, you can perceive some obvious symptoms while climbing a mountain, a cliff, or a high wall. These symptoms by which you can conclude that you have a fear of heights climbing are:

Symptoms of Acrophobia

fear of heights climbing
Acrophobia is a mental condition in which a person has height-phobia and gets physical and psychological symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • Nervous ness, faster heartbeat, and trembling voice.
  • Shaky legs and stomach twitch feeling butterflies there.
  • Panic attacks, sweating, and anxiety assaults.
  • Muscle tension, unbalanced body and losing grip, etc.

Whenever you are at a height while climbing, or just simply watching down from the roof or the balcony of a high building, and you get these symptoms, it means that you are Acrophobic, and you need to learn how to overcome the fear of heights.

Tips to fight your fear of heights

fear of heights climbing
If you want to learn how to get over the fear of heights climbing, the following tips might help you in this regard.

  • Accept your fear

The endeavor of making yourself tough and unbreakable can cause difficulties for you. If you are frightened of heights or have any phobia, then accept it. As far as you run from it, it will never leave you. Embrace that you get scared by looking down from heights, and only you can overcome it. Accept your fear of heights climbing during climbing because when you believe it, you can get over it conveniently.

  • Make small steps

fear of heights climbing
To get over the fear of heights climbing, never think to touch the peak at once without any effort. Never get disheartened if you get fail to climb. Try to make small steps ahead. Mark a point at a small distance and make sure to reach there. When you conquer that point, mark the next point and try to get there. Continue making smaller steps further and further. When you make your mind go higher, you can defeat the fear during climbing.

  • Do not look down

Try to maintain your focus to go higher; because most panic attacks occur when you look down and start feeling dizziness and uneasiness. You lose control of yourself when everything seems to be moving around you while looking down. So make sure not to look down while climbing.

  • Relax yourself

In an Acrophobic phase, a panic and anxiety outbreak occurs. You need to relax and calm yourself down and stop panicking. Fear of heights climbing and getting injured can make anyone nervous and threatened. Use high-quality equipment and strong cords and ropes because when your heart believes that your support is strong and you won’t fall, you get relaxed.
Take a deep breath, hold the rope invincibly, close your eyes for some seconds, calm yourself down, and start going higher and higher.

  • Motivation

If you want to know how to overcome the fear of heights, the main thing to do is be your motivator. Motivate yourself that you can do this and get over this phobia. You can ask your trainer or a partner, or a friend to motivate you. Believe in yourself, be positive, and don’t be afraid of falling.

  • Keep a partner

fear of heights climbing
Also, Always have a partner with you while climbing. So at that time, you both can support each other and feel relaxed that somebody is there along with you. Trust on your partner; It can help you to overcome mountaineering fear of heights.

  • Practice is the key

Three things that can make you a perfect climber are practice, practice, and practice. Try to practice as much as possible because you can get over a fear of heights climbing only when you expose yourself to that fear. Exposing yourself to phobias is one of the brilliant ideas to face fears.

  • Keep yourself healthy

Do muscle exercises and maintain your diet to keep yourself healthy both physically as well as mentally. You have to balance your weight while climbing a cliff or a mountain, and you can do it only when you are not overweight or underweight. Eat healthy food that delivers you vitamins, minerals, and sufficient energy to lift yourself.

  • Medication

Unfortunately, no proper medication has been found out till now to fight phobias. But you can take medication to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Several kinds of anti-anxiety drugs can help in this concern. You can also consult a therapist to provide you a Virtual mental therapy to keep your fear of heights climbing under control.

Having fear is not a bad thing; this helps you to focus on the best option to choose and stops you from moving in the wrong direction. But it is hazardous if it gets over your nerves and goes above the bearable limit.

If you are willing to have no fear of heights and to be an Acrophobia-free individual, then incorporating the above tips might help you to overcome the fear of heights climbing.

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