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How to give emotional support to someone? – 9 Best Ways

We are human beings, and we are blessed beings because we have different emotions of affection, love, joy, hatred, care, sorrow, grief, or anger, which are our powerhouse if utilized positively. At several moments of our life, we get so depressed and disappointed. We need support in a relationship to keep it going smoothly and healthily.

Also, support can be physical, emotional, or financial. But for maintaining our mental health and improving self-esteem in relationships, we want our loved ones to give emotional support. It does not mean that one who needs our emotional support, wants us to come and solve the issues. No, all they need is a shoulder to lie their head-on and someone who listens carefully to them and is always there for giving emotional support.

What is emotional support?

Emotional support means to give encouragement, confidence, reassurance, and consolation to someone in an arduous condition. It means to lift the morale and spark in life. Emotional support from husband or wife, friend or colleague, siblings, or a family member matters a lot.

When we go through a terrible situation, like, having no job or work stress, family issues or friends getting away, any death or accident, etc. In such a situation, We all need emotional support and have a desire deep down in our heart that there must be someone who genuinely cares for us, who will be by our side no matter what happens, who will never judge us, who support us with all their heart.

We need someone in front of whom we can talk our heart without a fear that they criticize us.
The worst thing you can have is an unsupportive partner because the crucial need of any relationship is providing emotional support. The support of our loved ones can boost confidence in public speaking.
We should give emotional support to our family members, a close friend, or any close colleague feeling down.
Assimilate the given ways if you want to know about how to give emotional support to someone.

Ways to be emotionally supportive

1. Notice their behavior

Always keep a check on your closed ones. Keep noticing and observing their behavior. Because when a person is feeling down, their behavior changes. This change can be like this:

  • Not do the chores that they usually do.
  • Talk less.
  • Be extra sensitive at that time.
  • Behave strangely.
  • Pretend like they want to be alone.

By all this observation, we can notify that something went wrong and they are going through a hard time and need emotional support.

2. Start a conversation

Make them feel that you are there on which they can rely. Start asking questions like Is everything okay? Are you alright? Why are you looking disturbed?. Also, try to say things like You can share if you want but, it is okay if you don’t want to, relax and calm down. These sentences will help them to hold on to their emotions and to trust you. Make them open up to you.

3. Use motivating phrases

Try to communicate with your partner and make them believe in their selves. You can say as I believe in you and you can do it, You are the best person I’ve ever met and, I’m proud of you, or I know this is tough but, you have the guts to handle it, and everything will be alright. You can give emotional support by saying I’ll always be there for you, or I‘ll never leave you regardless of the situation. It gives them a soothing and relaxing effect.

4. Lend them an attentive ear

Emotional support

When someone is sharing something with you, be attentive. Make an impression that you are not getting bored. Keep asking questions to understand them. This will make a good impression that you are listening carefully. It is the main thing that can give emotional support in a relationship.

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5. Don’t give an exhausted gesture.

Try to maintain eye contact with them, and make sure not to use mobile phones while listening to their situation. Provide them your all concentration because they need emotional support at that time.

6. Show some physical support

While they are feeling shaken, give them some physical support. You can give a hug or a kiss to deliver some affection. Try to hold their hands tightly and continuously throughout the conversation. If they are crying, wipe off their tears softly. Physical support is also necessary same as emotional support in marriage is.

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7. Admire their efforts

When they tell you about what they have done to overcome this situation, always admire it for providing emotional support. Make sure not to say that there is a need to do something else. Don’t show any criticism or judgment at that time. Try to give placidness by saying things like you have done a great job, you are a strong person, and I hope you will surely come out of this problem. Don’t be an unsupportive partner.

8. Give a piece of advice when they ask you to guide

Don’t start giving your ideas and advice. Wait for them; when they have done explaining their thoughts, and say anything such as what should I do now or what is the better strategy to follow in this circumstance, Then provide your sincere views But firstly, let them finish it.

9. Never compare their condition with yours

Whether your intentions are good but still, no need to tell them that This is nothing and my situation was much worse than yours; because they will feel like their troubles are nothing for you. It might later create difficulty in supporting relationships.

  • These ways assist you to know about how to give emotional support to someone; It is not possible to completely forget problems but, you can help your close one to face them by delivering emotional support.

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