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What is the importance of women’s empowerment in societies? – 9 Best Ways to empower women  

Do you know what women’s empowerment is? Do you know the role of a woman in modern society? Want to know the importance of women’s day? Have you ever thought about the importance of women’s empowerment in societies and how we can empower women?   

Read my article on the importance of women’s empowerment in societies and learn more about the ways to empower, encourage and strengthen women.  

Importance of women’s empowerment in societies

Empowering women and girls to become confident, fearless, and powerful is crucial. Today, we recognize women’s empowerment is the important thing to financial growth, political stability, and social transformation. World leaders, professionals, and students give their voice to tell the importance of women’s empowerment in societies.  

The term ‘women’s empowerment became famous after the 1980s. It refers back to the technique of strengthening ladies and women who’ve been tormented by diverse inequalities and gender discrimination.  

It refers to the process of presenting strength to the lady to be unbiased and anticipate power to manipulate her existence and decide her conditions. That is why learning the importance of women’s empowerment in societies has become mandatory.  

Empowerment additionally refers to the process of presenting the same rights, opportunities, obligations, and powerful positions to women and ladies so that they are capable of playing a position at par with guys in society.  

Ways to empower women and girls

importance of women's empowerment in societiesIt has now become the foremost factor and paramount thing to learn the importance of women’s empowerment in societies and how to empower young girls and women in our society. Following are some of the most typical and extremely good ways to empower women in our society.  

1. Educate women and make them literate

Education is a fundamental skill required to make a generation of responsible and literate people. There is a huge importance of women’s empowerment in societies, and there are numerous rights of a woman that should be given to her.   

“According to a global survey, 263 million youths and kids are not getting the educations, and that is 19 and 18% of girls and boys respectively.”  

It is said that when you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation, and by doing that, you are producing brilliant human beings. When a woman is educated, she makes the entire world educated with her. Education is vital for the development of any country or society. It is the best source that can empower a woman and make her react to the hardships and challenges of life with strength.  

2. Encourage them to stand on their feet

The importance of women’s empowerment in societies is necessary for the growth of a country, and it requires a lot of effort to encourage a woman. We all should encourage women to come in front and become successful. When you encourage a woman to stand on her feet, she feels overwhelmed and enthusiastic about working hard and fulfilling her goal.  

Diane Mariechild, an author and a lecturer, said: “Women are perfect circles. They have the power to create, nurture, and transform.”  

It is very easy to encourage a woman as it takes a genuine compliment to boost her confidence. When you encourage a woman, you make her emotionally strong, and she learns how she can find inner peace by herself. She becomes fearless and powerful when you encourage them, which is the basic block of women’s empowerment.  

3. Ensure the safety of women

importance of women's empowerment in societiesWe need to understand the importance of women’s empowerment in societies to ensure the safety of girls and women. There is a lot of violence and physical abuse against women that has been happening over the years, and that needs to be put to an end.  

“According to an estimation by WHO, about 27% of women of age 15-49 have faced physical or sexual violence in their relationships. And globally, 1 in 3 women are reported to have faced such issues in their lifetimes.”  

We need to ensure that women are safe from violence, and they should feel safe and protected. Women are abused sexually and harassed in so many ways. Women in a relationship have been facing inmate partner violence for years.  

4. Teach them work readiness skills

People need to know a woman’s role in modern society and the importance of women’s empowerment in societies. It is important to teach women some work readiness skills to strengthen their credence and boost self-confidence. Some of the best work readiness skills include professionalism in a human, communication skills, soft skills, speech skills, and leadership qualities.   

Fostering a positive work environment for women is necessary to make them feel comfortable at the workplace.   

There is discrimination that women are facing in their workplaces. Women should be able to make decisions wisely, be active in multi-tasking, and have good problem-solving skills, and their management skills need to be highly disciplined.  

5. Provide her freedom and independence

importance of women's empowerment in societiesWhen a nation wants to grow and develop, they need to understand the importance of women’s empowerment in societies. It is important to provide women freedom of speech and life. Every woman should become independent, both mentally and physically. Being independent means taking her own decisions and knowing her worth.

When a woman is empowered, she knows what is right for herself and not.  

Kailin Gow, an American host and director said: “An independent woman is defined by herself and not by her parents or partner.”  

A woman who is not afraid of doing what she wants and is not scared to do things independently is called a strong independent woman.  

6. Boost up her confidence and self-esteem

It is necessary to learn the importance of women’s empowerment in societies because empowerment brings so much self-confidence. We should boost the confidence of women, and they need to maintain high and positive self-esteem for the betterment of their minds and peace.  

According to Adaeze Agbai: “A confident female is never scared of mistakes, and when she makes a mistake, she finds its solution and then moves on. It is a good idea to become honest instead of impressive.”  

Never compare a woman with another woman because it will hurt her feelings and not process emotions rightly. As a woman. You should surround yourself with good and positive people who will encourage you and make you feel good about your worth.  

7. Donate to women’s shelters and organizations  

importance of women's empowerment in societiesTo understand the importance of women’s empowerment in societies, it is necessary to learn how to empower women in difficult situations. There are women organizations and shelters where women take temporary or permanent residences to seek a refugee from violence and domestic abuse. Women went through so many hardships, and they are living in shelters on top of that.   

Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist, and philosopher said: “True charity is basically the desire to serve others without thinking about rewards.”  

We need to empower women in need and provide them with clothes, food, and necessary medical treatments for their betterment. And we should fight against the injustice happening against women in our society, and we should treat them equally to the men in our society.  

8. Help women and girls in crises

Thousands of young girls and women are subjected to abuse and violence. It is significant to learn the importance of women’s empowerment in societies to help females who are abused badly. There are girls who are child laborers, and there are girls who are illegally trafficked for money and many other offenses.  

We should help women and girls in crises and show them our support. We should help them with their education, psychological counseling, and many other things required to make a woman strong. We can empower new moms and provide the essentials required for a baby’s nourishment.  

9. Show appreciation and applause for women

importance of women's empowerment in societiesDo you want to encourage, appreciate, applaud and empower women? Want to know the importance of women’s empowerment in societies? Women are always exposed to negativity because they are often compared by the unrealistic beauty ideals depicted in magazines, television, and more recently on social media.   

Start encouraging women with your own home, workplace, or community.   

Ask your friends to speak up, make sure they know the value of their opinion. Cheer up women by confronting negative comments about them online, in the office, at school, and wherever you go. Fight negatives by promoting body positivity, intelligence, and credibility. Don’t be afraid to shut down any negativity you see for women. Write a letter of appreciation to the teacher who encouraged you many years ago. Make a coffee for a new mom in your office who is having difficulty pulling together.  


Here are several frequently asked questions on the internet and google about the importance of women’s empowerment in societies and how to empower women in the community.  

Q: Who defines empowerment?  

As a term, empowerment comes from the American psychology community, and it was associated with social scientist Julian Rappaport in 1981.  

The Worlds Health Organization (WHO) defined empowerment as; The process of giving people more control over decisions and behaviors that affect their health. It refers both to the process and technique of self-empowerment and to providing professional support that enables people to overcome powerlessness, overcome fear and lack of influence, and recognize and use resources.  

Q: What is empowerment in society?  

Empowerment is the acquisition of simple and powerful skills that help others in the community transform their quality of life, take responsibility, and play an active role in society in a sustainable way. Means to support and encourage others. Empowerment in society works by increasing the influence of the community on the structures and rules that affect the life experience of the society and its people. It has now become a chief thing to learn the importance of women’s empowerment in societies to grow and develop.  

Q: What are the four elements of empowerment?  

One of the clearest definitions of empowerment is from Fisher’s excellent book, Leading Self-Directed Work Teams (1993). Fisher explained four key elements of employee empowerment.   

  • Authority 
  • Resources 
  • Information 
  • Accountability  


It is now the requirement of a nation to empower its women and make its nation learn the importance of women’s empowerment in societies so that the nation learns the difference between educated and uneducated. It has now become a trend to fight against the gender norms against women and encourage them in their daily lives. 


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