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What is the role of a woman in modern society? – 13 Amazing Roles of a Woman  

The role of a woman in modern society has changed drastically and very dramatically, but it took a lot of time. Women have the acceptability and tenability to play versatile roles in their society for well-being, growth, and development. Everything has been modified over time. The world has made women an ideogram of incitement, uplifting, invigoration, dauntlessness, and empowerment.   

According to Maya Angelou, who was an American civil rights activist: “A wise woman never wishes to be someone’s enemy; a wise woman opposes to be anyone’s victim.”  

The continuous change in the thinking of people has helped women to shine more and add more to the progress of their country. The role of a woman in modern society is strong, bold, and blunt. 

B.R. Ambedkar, an Indian economist, and a jurist said: “In my opinion, the progress of any community should be calculated by the degree and ratio of the progress its women have achieved.”

With the increase in acceptance of the contributions made by women from history to this date, I am sharing some amazing role of a woman in modern society that will help you learn the importance of women’s day 

Role of a woman in modern society  

role of a woman in modern societyWe all need to understand that the role of a woman in modern society is now emerging more powerful, fearless, confident, competitive, ambitious, zealous, and committed. Women are now changing the panorama and aspect of people that were very low for women from generations. The outlook and appearance of women in history were completely different from the women of modern society. Some of the most bewildering, perplexing, and amazing role of a woman in modern society are as follow:  

1. Women as a mother  

Nobody can change the fact that mothers are the most beautiful and loveliest human beings on earth, but when you consider the role of a woman in modern society, a mother is the first one you can think of. Only women can create another life within their womb and carry a human for nine months, go through the painful labor and give birth to a life.  

The popular English poet, journalist, and novelist, Joseph Rudyard Kipling said: “God is not able to be present everywhere, and that’s why he created mothers.”  

The role of a mother is a divine mission that is assigned to only women. A mother can constantly learn new things, develop advanced skills, be ambitious, and give all her love to her children.  

2. Women as a wife

The woman has great credibility of holding strength, support, patience, responsibilities, and many other great things, which shows how important a woman is. The role of a woman in modern society as a wife is appreciable. Only a woman can support her man strengthen him in ways that others cannot.  

Angie Lewis said: “A woman was not created by the feet of a man, to make her below him, nor she was made from his head, to stay above him, but she was created with his rib, to stay beside him.”  

When a woman is a wife, she has a lot of responsibilities that she has to fulfill; she admires her husband, loves him, and pamper him without any question. Only women can love another human who is not her child like that, and God has made her like a gem.  

3. Women as a sister

role of a woman in modern societyWhen a woman is a sister, she listens to you, loves you, cares for you, and even fight with you. A sister is like a power who stands with her brother or sister like a shield. Sister can give warmth to her siblings, and this trait of women is not inherited or transferred, but it comes naturally from a woman.  

Ami Li said: “A sister is like having a best buddy you can’t avoid and get rid of her. Sisters will be there for you all your life, no matter what you do.”  

The role of a woman in modern society as a sister is pure and an unbreakable bond. A human without a woman in his life is incomplete in my vision, and that’s why we must know the importance of women’s day.  

4. Women as a daughter

Daughter is one of the most precious and sweetest roles of a woman in modern society that is a source of tenderness, affection, and love. A daughter is the only woman who fantasies her father like an idol or a leader and teaches you softness. Daughters are all about soft and tender hearts.

The role of women as daughters changes the whole idea of a woman from a man’s perspective.

There are so many people in the world crying and praying to have a daughter. When a woman is a daughter, she teaches you how to protect your blood and distribute pure love.  

5. Women as a manager of the house

The role of a woman in modern society is full of adversity and empowerment, but when a woman is in charge of the house and household, she manages to make her house a sweet home. She can work and live her life as the manager of the family’s income, and she does her job perfectly.  

Farrah Leni Fawcett, an American Fashionista and actress, said: “God has gifted women with femininity, instinct, and divination. When a woman uses this deadly combination properly, it can easily jumble and clutters the mind and brain of any man I have ever met.”  

When a woman is the family’s manager, she makes it secure to check every penny spent. She is very wise and calculating.  

6. Women as caretakers

Another role of a woman in modern society is that they are the supreme caretakers of elders and children all over the globe. The studies explain and demonstrate that women take the lead and help families adjust to new challenges and hurdles whenever a country’s political organizations and economic decline or change.  

According to research, 65% of older people rely on family to provide the essentials and assistance. 30% of older people supplement the care from the family with extra assistance from paid providers. 50% of the elderly need long-term care, but no one is available for them, while 7% who have someone to care for are in institutional settings.  

Women provide the foremost of this informal care to their spouses, kids, parents and parent in-laws, friends, and even their neighbors.  

7. Women in the medical field

role of a woman in modern societyOne of the most prestigious and remarkable role of a woman in modern society as well as in history is being a doctor or being in the field of medicine.  

According to a survey, it was demonstrated that 48% of all the graduates from the field of medicine are women.  

Some of the brilliant and influential women from the field of medicine are:  

  • Metrodora  
  • Elizabeth Blackwell  
  • Marie Curie  
  • Gerty Cori  
  • Patricia Goldman-Rakic  

The role of women in medical fields, particularly in surgery, physicians, and research, was traced from ancient history. Women had made their names in medicine till now, and they remain the most brilliant surgeons ever. Women have made outstanding contributions in this field, and they still are going on and making new history.  

8. Women in the Agriculture field

When we consider the role of a woman in modern society, we might think of women in agriculture. Women in Agriculture had made their names, and they are still paving the way for a better and more developed future.   

According to a survey and research, around 48% of women in India depend for their livelihood on agriculture. 37% of women are cultivators, and 47% are laborers in fields.  

It was confirmed by United Nations (UN) that 33% of women worldwide work in agriculture.  

It is the liability and duty of everyone to make women around them confident and make them educated, and empower them to take the lead in the challenges of completing and meeting the needs of the world’s growing demands of food, fiber, essentials, and fuel.  

9. Women in Armed forces

There are thousands of amazing and influential roles that women have played for a long time, making this society a better place. The role of a woman in modern society includes women in the armed forces or the military of their countries. Many women have served in armed forces in different positions and roles in numerous authorities and jurisdictions from ancient times.  

The famous author, and American journalist Gail Collins, said: “We don’t have enough soldiers in the military, and that’s why we need women. We are trying and looking up to see more women serve.”  

Some women joined organizations during World War 1 to educate people about war and fight. Russia, Serbia, the USA, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, Vietnam, and many other countries are popular for the brilliant contributions of their women in the military.  

10. Women in business

role of a woman in modern societyWith the increasing knowledge, growth, and development, women are emerging as successful entrepreneurs and businesses women. The role of a woman in modern society is now changing more and more with their innovations and ideas in the workforce. They are competing and battling with many men in the workplace and help foster a positive work environment 

“According to a survey and study, it was estimated that $20 million trillion is contributed by women in consumer spendings. It represents a very big growth, even bigger than the market of India and China combined. Around 85% of consumer purchases are by women.”  

In modern society, women represent huge power economically. One of the best qualities that women have is that they are excellent in the soft skills which are required for any business.  

11. Women in politics

The role of a woman in modern society that has changed the vision of many countries and the young generation is the involvement of women in politics. History is changing now, and many women are now being elected as the heads of the governments of different states.  

According to an estimation in 2013, about 2% of women were elected in presidential positions while 8% became national leaders. And 75% of women have become the prime ministers and heads of different countries from the last two decades.  

Some of the influential women in politics are:  

  • Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh  
  • Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland  
  • Tsai Ing-Wen, who is President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)  
  • Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of Tanzania  
  • Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand  

Women face so many provocations and challenges in politics and government, but they keep emerging as good leaders.  

12. Women as educators

Women as educators are the biggest change in the prospect and view of ancient thinking. The role of a woman in modern society as an educator is full of creativity and talent. Female educators inspire children and make them good humans.   

Angelina Jolie, a well-known American filmmaker, actress, and humanitarian, said: “A strong, educated, literate and free woman is the best and greatest pillar of stability for any country.”  

Women in education are the best advisors, role models, and idols that anyone could imagine. Female educators are now emerging as the cultivators of women’s encouragement and empowerment.  

13. Women in art

role of a woman in modern societyThe role of a woman in modern society is becoming vast and getting more recognition all over the world. One of the roles of women is in the field of art. Art can only be produced by a great and sufficient amount of creativity, talent, and skill. Today, women are emerging as role models for new generations, and they are on the top of almost every field.  

The top 5 most famous, popular, and influential women in arts who have created history are:  

  • Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun  
  • Mary Cassatt  
  • Harriet Powers  
  • Frida Kahlo  
  • Sofonisba Anguissola  

Women have now become the epitome of talent, and they are the powerhouse for confidence, empowerment, gender equality, and productivity. The new era has made the role of a woman in modern society very big and vast. 


Following are the frequently asked questions about the role of a woman in modern society and how women have changed the views of generations about them.  

Q: What is the role of a woman in society today?  

Before, the role of women was only a mother, daughter, sister, or wife. People recognized only these roles as the main part that women were playing in society, and they ignored the fact that women can do many more than just being a mother or a housewife. But today, the role of a woman in modern society has completely changed the vision and perspective of others for women and their capabilities. Women are now outshining men in many fields.  

Q: How has the role of women changed in society?  

When we read about the contributions of women in history, they were very limited and under the control of men. Men pushed them down, and they were not a major part of society. But now, the role of a woman in modern society is completely changed because women are standing beside men in every field and beating them in their respective careers as well. Their role has changed at a fast and accelerating rate, and now women are working in politics, medicine, agriculture, business, armed forces, etc.  

Q: Who started women’s day?  

The globally celebrated holiday, international and National Women’s Day, is celebrated every 8 March. Women’s day was started by the daring ladies of Soviet Russia in 1917. To this date, women’s day is celebrated by communist countries for women’s rights, and it highlights issues like gender discrimination, equality, domestic rights, violence rights, abuse rights, all against women.  From that day, the role of a woman in modern society started to grow more.

Final Words:

The world has changed its views and thoughts and the way it showed the role of a woman in modern society, and now the world has become a place where a woman is considered equal to men and competitive individuals. I wish every woman of the world a very happy international women’s day, and I want to tell all the women that I am proud and gratified of you. 


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