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How to be happy alone without friends? -10 Incredible Ways

Life is running rapidly and everyone is busy in their lives. In such situations, it is necessary to learn how to be happy alone without friends and enjoy yourself. Many of us are away from our families, moved to a new place, have a change in working environment, are living alone, have no friends circle to spend time with, and looking for how to find happiness. 

It is worthy to understand that friendships and social interactions are good for spending a happy life and a great way to enjoy but they are not more important than ourselves. It is possible to live a fulfilling life without friends by knowing your worth. Many people are single by choice and are happy living their life alone.

It is not a big deal to learn how to be happy alone without friends, maybe it is overwhelming for you in the beginning if you are a social person, but, eventually, you will feel good spending time with yourself and exploring what you want in your life.

According to Benito Mussolini, an Italian politician, and journalist, we have no friends to look for moral guidance and to whom we can lean upon, we become strong.

how to be happy alone without friends

Self-acceptance and self-love is the key to a happy life even if you have no friends. Before learning how to be happy alone without friends, focus on understanding the discriminating thread between being alone and loneliness. You can be alone and enjoy your company but being lonely and feeling sad is not good.

According to medical news today, different studies have shown that loneliness is linked to a high risk of dementia, and these feelings of loneliness are also linked to a higher risk of getting diabetes.

Therefore, overcoming loneliness is necessary and then exploring yourself to be happy alone. Understand the difference between being alone and lonely to learn more about how to be happy alone without friends.

What is meant by being alone?

“Alone” is a word that is used to describe a state when you have no one around you. Being alone and being lonely are two terms having different meanings but are usually considered the same.

Being alone means to be with yourself and have nobody surrounding you while loneliness is a feeling of unhappiness and isolation that you feel when you have no one with you or regardless of many people are around you, still, you feel cut off and isolated.

You can be alone by your choice while being lonely makes you sad.

You can be happy alone by utilizing habits of happiness and accepting yourself as your best friend. Many people live their life happily because they truly understand how to be happy alone and single and how to be happy alone without friends. They enjoy their life because they understand that their happiness is independent of anyone.

No one can bring you happiness except yourself, therefore, try to take control of your life, be your own best friend, and learn how to be happy alone without friends.

Have you ever realized how you feel when nobody is around you? Have you noticed that you can work more productively by being alone? Do you ever spend time knowing what you want? If no then, think about it, deal with sadness and sorrow, be strong, and live your life happily.

How to be happy alone without friends?

It is possible to cherish your life alone and you can easily overcome the feelings of loneliness and make your life better. Here are some ways to learn to be happy alone and live a fascinating life.

how to be happy alone without friends

1. Stop comparing your life

The first step of how to be happy alone without friends is to know what you are and what is your worth. Do not compare yourself to others whether they are your friends, colleagues, or social media personalities. You can make your life happier by knowing what is your value and you are better than many others.

You have no idea about what others’ journey is all about, so don’t compare yourself to them, Regina Brett says.

Everyone is going through some kind of problem and no one is perfect. Maybe it is only a veil of perfection that they have everything and are living their life happily. Maybe they are also overwhelmed and shattered on the inside.
You might think that others will have a bunch of good friends but you have no one, so how can I be happy? No, determine your worth and stop this comparison. All these thoughts only create difficulty for you in living peacefully.

2. Enjoy the beauty of nature

how to be happy alone without friends

Nature can calm your soul and help you control your emotions. A walk under a soothing bluish sky can be an amazing way to learn how to be happy alone without friends and know how to enjoy your life alone. Distancing yourself from everything and exploring the beauty of nature can be relaxing and pleasurable. These nature visits can improve physical health as well as mental health.

According to a study on the analysis of high blood pressure and depression, the population prevalence of these illnesses could be reduced by up to 9% and 7% respectively by visiting outdoor green spaces for thirty or more minutes during a week.

Whenever you feel lonely, go outside, observe and analyze everything, and try to find out the positivity around you. Breath in the open air and consider yourself the luckiest person. This world is a mesmerizing and magical place that can give you pleasure and serenity.

3. Go work out and exercise

Working out and exercising is a great source of happiness. While you work out, endorphins are released that bring happiness and energize you. If you are feeling down, you should do something healthy and enjoy this session.
When you move your body, the circulation of blood increases which gives you energy and you start feeling good.

Make it your habit to run regularly, go to the gym, and make yourself healthy. It is the best way to learn to be happy alone in life that also makes you fit and active.

Also, practice mindfulness and meditation because the effect of meditation on the human body and mind is huge. It increases dopamine and serotonin level in the brain which helps in overcoming loneliness by promoting positive feelings and happiness.

So, therefore, do exercises and practice meditation to learn how to be happy alone without friends.

4. Do good for others

The best of learning how to be happy alone without friends is to make ease for others and voluntarily work for them. This act of kindness will make you emotionally stable and gives you pleasure.

Do random acts of kindness because according to a paper published in the review of general psychology, a study was conducted and for six weeks, participants do five acts of kindness every week, and as a result, a substantial increase was observed in the happiness.

Make sure to keep your senses open, look for people who need help, and do good for them without covetousness for any reward, you will surely improve your social interactions as well as start being a happy person.

5. Be grateful for what you have

When you observe your life, you will find out that your life has many good aspects and blessings that others might don’t have. You should be grateful for all that because it becomes a source of happiness and make you learn how to be happy alone without friends.

Research shows that the feelings of hopefulness and happiness get boosted by gratefulness.

It is one of the great things you can do to be happy, therefore, rather than feeling lonely, analyze what you have in your life. You don’t need any bigger things to be grateful for and can show gratefulness even for a new flower grown up in your garden or a calming morning walk.

Looking at good things will positively impact your life and makes you a happy person.

You can be grateful for a good family you have and this is a great way of knowing how to be happy alone without friends. You can feel true happiness when you start realizing how many good things you have in your life.

6. Take care of your physical health

Being happier is easy when your life is balanced and your health is perfect. Physical health has a great impact on happiness and therefore, learn ways to improve your physical health for a prosperous life. Watch how happiness comes your way when you find the best fitness activities to do. and how you learn in minutes about how to be happy alone without friends.

It is proven that serotonin is responsible for good mood balance and the right diet can improve its release. Therefore, go for foods having a good amount of proteins and nutrition.

Make sure to maintain a proper sleep pattern, eat healthy food, prioritize green vegetables, and fruits, and avoid going for heavy food that is not good for your health.

7. Explore and follow your hobbies

You are happy when you do what you want. It is proven that 40% of people are happy because of their choices. Whenever you find some spare and want to learn how to be happy alone without friends, think about what you can do that will give you pleasure?

how to be happy alone without friends

If you love gardening, spent an hour in your gardening doing some work enjoying the lovely fragrance of beautiful flowers. You can explore your creativity and choose between knitting, baking, weaving, painting, or anything you love to do.

You can learn to be happy with yourself by exploring matters of the soul and doing something spiritual and religious.

Remember always that it is not difficult to enjoy your life without friends when you find your true happiness.

8. Cook delicious meals for yourself

Cooking is a fun activity that brings joy and happiness. It is not necessary to cook and set the table beautifully only for others. You can also cook your favorite food, decorate it properly, set it on the dinner table, and present it to yourself.

According to Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French lawyer, and politician, the thing that does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star is the discovery of a new dish.

When you are active in cooking, playing with spices, and having a soothing aromatic atmosphere, you feel happy. Even for a small time, you forgot your worries and live like a happy person. At that time you are following the rule to be your own best friend and learn how to be happy alone without friends.

This shows the importance of learning cooking skills and utilizing them in daily life can be an aspect of a stress-free and happy life.

9. Spend time with family and siblings

Have no friends?? But why get worried when you have a nice and loving family? Why not spend time with your siblings? The problem is, we have pasted it on our minds to have friends for a happy life.
All the day, most of us are working, have to hangouts with friends, and even at home, stay busy with our phones. But the fact is, that family, loved ones, and siblings are blessings and a great way how to be happy alone without friends.
Improving your self-esteem in relationships can make you bold, and confident, and this self-acceptance makes you happy.

10. Take a break from this world

Let yourself have a look at your routine and take it easy. Continuously working, thinking, and stressing can frustrate your mind and you start analyzing the negative aspects that snatch your happiness. You need to give a calming session to your mind when you are alone and do nothing except spend time with yourself.

Sit in the open air, close your eyes and take a rest for some time and enjoy these moments when you have no one around you to disturb you.

It is a verity that your phone is an essential source of connection with your loved ones but sometimes, it can be stressful. Avoid social media and put down your phone, have a cup of coffee in the chilly breezes of evening. It will calm your soul and provide you with happiness.

It is a good way to learn how to be happy alone without friends.

how to be happy alone without friends


Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how to be happy alone without friends are defined below.

Q: How can I be happy if I have no friends?

Your happiness doesn’t depend on your friends and you can be happy even if you have no friends. Keep the control in your hand and don’t let others make you sad or happy. Do whatever gives you happiness and learn how to find happiness within yourself. It is easy to know how to be happy alone without friends by listening to your heart.

Q: Is it okay to be alone without friends?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to have no close friends in your life. Many people in this world enjoy and cherish their time alone because they can explore their creativity and spend their lives in the way they want. Undoubtedly, having friends can make your life better but more important is yourself. Therefore, understanding how to be happy alone without friends is necessary to move ahead in your life.

Q: How do you stop loneliness when living alone?

When you are living alone, it is not essential that you also feel lonely. You can enjoy this alone time with yourself. If you are feeling lonely, start doing things that you cherish the most.  You can also learn how to be happy alone without friends?

Watch movies, set up a dinner table for yourself, listen to your favorite music, read books and articles, do workouts, and follow your hobbies to make your time special. By doing your favorite things, you can get busy and overcome loneliness easily.

Q: Why can’t I make friends?

Not being able to make friends can be because of different factors. Maybe you are not a social person and avoid going to social gatherings and meeting new people so that you have no friends.

Signs of low self-esteem in a man also bound you to socialize and interact with others. Social anxiety disorder is the common cause many people can’t make friends. Maybe you have not met the right person yet to feel the same vibes and therefore you are unable to make new friends.

Final words

It is credible to have an exciting and joyous life while being alone. All you need is to accept the fact that your happiness is linked with you, not to others.

Only you can truly make yourself happy, therefore, learn how to be happy alone without friends and find your inner peace rather than the temporary pleasures of this world. Hopefully, you learn to be happy alone soon and start enjoying yourself.

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