How to stop being socially awkward and shy? – 9 Best ways to stop being awkward

Is it difficult for you to interact with people? Do you feel the need to know how to stop being socially awkward and shy? Or how can you improve your social interaction skills?

It is not a big deal; it frequently happens with many people, especially introverts who face difficulty in facing people and therefore avoid social gatherings.

Whether you are a student or an instructor, employee or an employer, business person or a shop owner, marketer or a buyer, Advertiser or a publisher, colleague or a boss, parent or child, husband or a wife, an intern or a part-timer even if you are in a relationship or friends with someone, you need to interact with people and understand their concerns. You need to learn to cooperate and grip your reciprocal actions, communication skills, and social interaction skills. Therefore, focus on learning how to stop being socially awkward and shy.

According to the research conclusions on the prevalence of social anxiety worldwide, the global prevalence of social anxiety is higher than the previous reports, and 1 in 3 respondents are meeting the criteria of retaining Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

Regardless of your field and position, you need to listen actively and use your nonverbal skills like observing and understanding to participate actively and interact with people.

What is meant by being socially awkward?

Socially awkward people avoid confronting people and going to social gatherings. They feel that they will get embarrassed, mocked, or feel uncomfortable. Being socially awkward is not an intense thing to worry about because it happens with everyone. It gets hazardous when it starts creating issues in your life. You start losing good opportunities only because of this social anxiety.

Social awkwardness makes an individual feel discomfort, blushed, flustered, and other emotions that lead to misunderstandings and awkward silences.

Undoubtedly, you would never desire to get awkward and humiliated; hence, make sure to learn how to stop being socially awkward and shy. Social anxiety comes from an uneasiness and anxiety disorder like you feel tremendously nervous while communicating and get worried about things that are not that important. This situation, when your social awkwardness starts interrupting the healthy flow of your life, it is called Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

According to the findings of a study, social anxiety disorder affects more people who frequently undergo anger over emotions of happiness.

Humans are persistent in social interactions and understand each other. Therefore, identify yourself and get aware of avoiding socially awkward behaviors.

Are You socially awkward?

Are you socially awkward?” is a simple clause but has huge intensity and is a problem many people face today? You can get an idea from the frequently asked questions about how to stop being socially awkward and shy in public? Why have I become more socially awkward? How to overcome awkwardness with your crush? How to avoid being socially awkward? How can I improve my social situation? How to stop being awkward in conversation? And many more. All these queries give awareness about how many people face difficulty socializing with others.

Here are some symptoms of socially awkward people you can use to identify yourself and others.

You need to identify if you are not a social person and improve your communication skills and social behavior. If someone around you or your friend feels mentally distressed, blushed, or sweating around people, he may be going through social awkwardness. You can help them by learning how to stop being socially awkward and shy.

How to stop being socially awkward and shy?

Becoming a socially interactive and fundamental person is not a big deal; you can become one using your positive behaviors. It will help if you reciprocity socially with others to have an intercommunication.

Overcoming social awkwardness and shyness is significantly important to grow in your life and improve your quality of life.

Must learn how to stop being socially awkward and shy to develop good relations in society and interact with others to live a happy, healthy, serene, and complacent life.
To stop being socially awkward, you should attend social events, parties, celebrations and try to get together and socialize with others. If you want to be a more outgoing and socially active person, you should follow the following tips on how to stop being socially awkward and shy.

Ways to overcome social awkwardness

If you think that why am I socially awkward? I should go out and socialize but feel self-conscious. Here are some ways to be a good listener, communicator, and social person.

1. Stop using your phone in public

You are at the right place if you want to be an interactive person and learn how to stop being socially awkward and shy and improve social interaction skills. The first tip to follow is to stop using your cellphone when you are out in public or at your school, university, or friends.

Try not to hide or stash your face behind your cellphone and not scroll it without any reason.

Cellphones are one of the biggest reasons we have stopped interacting with others in our daily lives?. Why do we have our noses always inserted into our mobile screens? What is wrong and fallacious with us? Why are we just sitting with hands-free in our ears?

Many people use a cellphone for any reason in social gatherings because they try to avoid others. But this will negatively impact others and describe you as an arrogant and selfish person. Therefore, stop using cell phones in public or with someone.

2. Talk to others and get engaged

For overcoming your lack of social interaction skills, it is necessary for you to get engaged with others and start an interaction and communication with them; you should try to get better at talking to strangers if you want to make friends more easily and be more comfortable in social situations.

An American basketball player, Joe Morgan, said that “he believes you learn social skills by mixing with the people.”

Start in little ways, and you will get better by rehearsing. Some people like to talk a lot, and you can see that talkative people are the most interesting ones; they are peculiar and curious about everything. You can engage yourself with a person who can give you confidence and inspiration to be more social.

3. Build faith in yourself

You need to build faith in yourself and gather credence to walk with your head up in public. In this way, you will have the faith and confidence to express and reveal yourself in front of others. When you talk, you need to be bold, blunt, and fearless so that your voice does not tremble and shake, your hands should not shiver, and you do not start sweating.

Think about the positive aspects and do positive self-talk.

Consider all the awkward situations as a normal phenomenon that happens with everyone somewhere in life because it is not for a long time. It is simply a moment that makes you feel uncomfortable and awkward. Try to calm yourself down and be at ease even if you make a mistake. You are a human and comfortable making mistakes because no one is ever perfect.

4. Ask open-ended questions

Asking questions is also one of the best steps to do when interacting socially on any platform and the best way to stop being socially awkward and shy in social gatherings?
You should ask open-ended, indefinite, and unlimited questions to others to start a perfect conversation. Asking questions will help you interact and socialize better with others because you will seem interested and engrossed in them.

Suppose you are in a meeting with customers or clients, and you feel shy to initiate speaking first, build up courage and ask questions you are unclear about? Never hesitate or procrastinate to ask questions, as it will automatically help you start a thoughtful conversation.
Even if you are talking to someone or listening, asking questions will give you the impression that you are truly hearing what they are saying.

5. Be friendly and initiate conversation

You need to stay updated with the events around you to participate in conversations about current news. The basic thing you need to know about how to stop being socially awkward and shy is to make a friendly conversation. Tell jokes and find ways to break the ice, and let others speak to you.

According to Theo Gold, the author of positive thinking, communication is your smartest ticket to success and victory if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.

Show interest and initiate a conversation without being awkward. Don’t get embarrassed or awkward if a conflict occurs. As you know, disagreements, arguments, and dissatisfaction can arise in many circumstances, so you need to resolve conflict. In this way, you can convey and express your feelings easily.

6. Develop effective communication skills

Communication skills are essential in personality development and can never go wrong with how to stop being socially awkward and shy and how to avoid being socially awkward. You should make sure to behave politely when someone asks for help. You need to be good at guessing and estimating their sentiments and asking them; why they feel that way? Suppose you are having an unbelievably tired, bad, and difficult day at work.

A study shows that smiling in difficult situations helps shy children to reduce their social anxiety.

Try to pass a smile to others, it may look forced at the start, but I am sure that after three to four attempts, you will smile naturally and forget that you were having the worst and toughest day of your life.

7. Listen to others more attentively

To avoid being awkward and shy socially, you need to develop good speaking and listening skills. By being a good listener, you can comfortably listen to others without getting worried about what to say and not? When you learn how to be a good listener, you get one step forward towards how to stop being socially awkward and shy?

According to Ernest Hemingway, an American novelist, Listen completely when people talk; most people never listen.

When you listen to others, they feel it easy to share their feelings and talk freely. In this way, you will be liked and loved by others. When you pay attention to others, you also get awareness, knowledge, and information. You should try to practice and rehearse listening and improve your listening skills. Stay away from negative and toxic thoughts because they isolate you and get socially alone.

8. Get out of your fantasies and imagination

When you are with someone, you have to be present and get out of your head and imagination. Make sure to avoid negative self-talk. You should behave wide awake, alert, and attentive when in a social gathering. You need to embrace the awkwardness and not get defeated by negative thoughts. You need to focus on others and their concerns; you will be considered anti-social if you are not attentive.

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American lecturer and essayist, Every man has courage but is betrayed because he seeks the courage of other persons in himself.

The critical facet about how to stop being socially awkward and shy is to remind yourself that your opinion matters the most. Stop getting worried about what others will say and their opinion. If you keep thinking about others’ opinions, you can never enjoy a social gathering or a conversation.

9. Observe and notice others

Focus on others in a communication or social gathering and pick up things that make them confident, bold, and bright. Try to observe and notice others get better at social interactions and their skills.

Develop prosocial behavior and understand others’ body language.

Make sure to maintain eye contact with them while talking, and you should also deliver them real and authentic compliments and try to make them laugh if you are awkward around them. Do not force your humor on others as everyone is not funny. Build up your self-esteem because low self-esteem decreases your confidence.


Here are some frequently asked questions you can use to understand why it is necessary to stop being socially awkward and shy.

Q: Is shy socially awkward?

Yes, shyness is related to social awkwardness. Most of us feel shy and therefore not able to express our thoughts and opinions. They get confused in deciding what to say and how to say it. Due to this shyness and awkwardness, they prefer to be lonely.

Q: What are signs of being socially awkward?

Many factors describe socially awkward behavior and can uncover social awkwardness. Signs of being a socially awkward person includes having an uncomfortable feeling in socializing, hesitation to share thoughts, thinking about others’ opinion more than yourself, getting oversensitive about everything, feeling embarrassed, etc. Follow the ways explained above to learn how to stop being socially awkward and shy.

Q: Am I an introvert, or am I shy?

You can identify whether you are shy or introverted. If you love being alone and enjoy the time you spend with yourself, you are an introvert. While if you don’t want to be alone and want to communicate and socialize but feel scared of saying wrong things or thinking about others’ opinions, you are a shy person.

Q: How do I become confident?

Believe in yourself and be courageous to express your thoughts, and raise your voice. Face new challenges, and don’t be scared of failure or rejection. Improve your skills and identify your weaknesses. Build up your self-esteem and stop doing negative self-talk.

Q: What are 5 ways to improve self-esteem?

These are some ways to improve self-esteem. Remove the fear of getting failed, accept compliments positively, give importance to your opinion, be independent, accept your mistakes, and love yourself.

Final words

Due to Social awkwardness, you lose a lot of beneficial opportunities in your life to grow and be successful in the future. You should try to express what is going on in your mind and be brave enough to describe what you are thinking. This will generously help you learn how to stop being socially awkward and shy and grow your self-esteem.

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