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How to overcome awkwardness with your crush? – 11 Best Tips to overcome awkwardness

Do you want to overcome awkwardness?

If you get thoughts like why my behavior is weird and awkward? or why am I so shy around my crush? It is not a big deal. In front of your crush, you act awkwardly and feel shy; your heart beats faster, it feels like daydreaming a magical and beautiful moment after coming out of which you start behaving nervously. It makes you senseless, have no control on your emotions and behave abruptly.

Curtailing shyness and fear of rejection helps you to overcome awkwardness. Keep in mind that your crush can not read your mind, and you have to tell what you feel and how much you love. Imperfections are a part of life but, with practice, you can surely overcome awkwardness and nervousness around the crush.

For dealing with a crush, make sure to be in your senses, aware of what you are going to say, and never express yourself as a dumb person and try to act maturely. By being yourself, you can be satisfied around your beloved person for a perfect dating life. There are many situations when things get awkward with a girl or a boy you like; To get away from these situations, you should follow some tips on crushes.

How to act normal around your crush?

Overcome awkwardness
Suppose you are in awkward silence with a crush and lack of ability to talk but still want to express your feelingsto your favorite person. Then, you can follow the following incredible tips on how to overcome awkwardness with your crush.

1. Calm yourself

Whenever you look at your crush, don’t start panicking and acting silly. Keep yourself calm by talking to a friend or taking a deep breath. If you are nervous around your crush, move aside to relax and look towards that person.

2. Be what you are

Make sure to be yourself and behave what you are. Be you because your personality, thoughts, mindset, and looks make you different from others. Thus, don’t portray yourself for anyone and focus only on to overcome awkwardness.

3. Start a conversation

If you don’t have a conversation with the person you like; then, how would they know about your feelings? Gather the courage and start a conversation instead of having awkward silence with the crush. In the beginning, if you haven’t the power to communicate, then at least greet them good morning or a good day.

You can also ask little questions about any new thing that happened to them, for instance, how are you now, get well soon, or your makeup is fantastic. It will help you to overcome awkwardness around your crush over time.

4. Do not overthink

Stop creating imaginary scenarios in your mind. Most people hesitate to start a conversation with a person they like because of the questions like, what will they say in response? How will they react? What will they think about me? What if they mock and reject me? What if I wouldn’t manage the situation at that time? Why do I have awkwardness between me and my crush?.
Remember, you don’t know the future; Maybe that person is waiting for you to make an initiative, and you lose this opportunity by overthinking. So build up the morale and start communicating.

5. Dress up the way you like

When you try to copy someone you think your crush might like, you get nervous and less confident. You should wear what you love and in which you feel comfortable. When you feel good, you behave good, and when you act well, you feel less awkward around a crush. Improving self esteem in relationships is necessary.

6. Be confident

Make sure not to be nervous and shy; it sends a negative impact. Build up your self-esteem, self-confidence and be bold. In the beginning, you’ll feel it difficult to make eye contact and talk firmly, but eventually, you’ll get used to it. Developing eye contact is one of the best tips on crushes to minimize and overcome awkwardness.

7. Be an active listener

Overcome awkwardness
Being bold doesn’t mean to keep talking continuously, but it also covers the view of being a good listener. When you let them speak and listen to them attentively, they’ll get attracted to you. While dealing with a crush, make sure not to behave in a way that exhibits boredom or arrogance.

8. Keep a graceful gesture

Many people start looking here and there, tapping fingers, shaking legs and feet, and setting hairs again and again due to uneasiness. Try to maintain a good posture, keep your back straight and hands hanging or folded decently to overcome awkwardness around a crush.

9. Share your interests

If you want to break the awkward silence with your crush and want to talk but have no idea what to talk about, Then try to share your hobbies, likes, dislikes, and interests with them. Also, ask your crush to tell about themselves. You’ll get a spot where the likes of you both match, and from this spot, your friendship starts. Start discussing your favorite movies, novels, books, TV shows and also wait for the response. In this way, you can stop being nervous around your crush.

10. Hang out with them

Overcome awkwardness
If you are awkward in front of your crush because of others, make an effort to find out more private moments with the person you like. Hang out and spend time together to get to know each other. When you know each other you will overcome awkwardness around them.

11. Don’t be afraid of imperfection

You should remember that no one is perfect and can have many flaws. Maybe your crush has more faults than you. But you’ll never see those flaws because you love them. Try to remove the overbearing feeling of imperfection from your mind.

Final Words

 Nervousness, anxiousness, and being awkward around a crush is the sign of love but never let it get over the thought of expressing your feelings. Hopefully, these tips will help you to overcome awkwardness with your crush.

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